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The Pentagon has signed a contract with General Dynamics for the production of tanks for Kiev

6 апреля 2023, 04:56
The production of combat vehicles under the contract should be completed by September 23 this year.

The American company General Dynamics Land Systems and the United States Department of Defense have signed a contract for the production of M1A1 Abrams tanks for Ukraine in the amount of $27.1 million. The number of tanks in the contract is not specified.

According to a report from the document of the US Defense Department, the tanks will be produced in Lima, Ohio. The production completion date is September 29, 2023. Funds for the production of tanks were allocated as part of the Initiative to Promote the Security of Ukraine, under which the Pentagon contracts with manufacturers of equipment, rather than transferring it directly from its stocks.

According to the Financial Times, which published an article on February 5, General Dynamics Land Systems can produce about 12 tanks per month. The Pentagon also announced that in the near future Ukrainian servicemen will be trained in the use of new Abrams tanks.

In March, it became known that the Pentagon would supply Kiev with Abrams tanks from its reserves, although it was initially assumed that Ukraine would be given new combat vehicles produced specifically for it. Earlier, Washington announced that it would give Ukrainians 30 Abrams of an older M1A1 modification instead of the previously promised M1A2. The change of plans was explained by the acceleration of deliveries.