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Bloomberg learned about the reduction in the volume of bank lending in the United States by $ 105 billion

9 апреля 2023, 11:22
The volume of bank lending in the United States has decreased by $ 105 billion over the past two weeks. According to the Federal Reserve, this is a record reduction since 1973. According to Bloomberg, the situation is connected with the crisis of the US banking system and the outflow of citizens' funds from local banks.

"Lending to commercial banks decreased by almost $ 105 billion in the two weeks ended March 29, which is the highest figure according to the Federal Reserve System for 1973", - Bloomberg reports, noting that the reduction by more than $ 45 billion, and the last week is mainly due to a reduction in lending by small banks.

The publication notes that the volume of deposits in American banks decreased by $ 64.7 billion over the last week of March. Thus, the decline in the indicator has been observed for the 10th week in a row.

On March 10, Silicon Valley Bank declared bankruptcy. The credit institution was ranked 16th in the ranking of the largest US banks. After that, Signature Bank (New York) declared bankruptcy, which became the third largest bankrupt bank in the country. As Kommersant notes, these events caused concern in the banking sector, after which other American banks borrowed a record $ 165 billion from the US Federal Reserve System.