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Изображение материала

The court sentenced to 19 years the employees of the Rosgvardiya and the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the arson of the city hall

10 апреля 2023, 10:18
The Central District Military Court sentenced retired senior sergeant of the Rosgvardiya Roman Nasryev and chief of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Alexei Nuriev to 19 years in prison. They were found guilty of setting fire to the military registration desk in the building of the city hall of Bakala in the Chelyabinsk region.

As the court found, in October last year they came to the city hall, broke a window on the first floor and threw Molotov cocktails into the room. A small fire started in the building. His grandmother was able to extinguish the watchman before the arrival of firefighters.

The case against former employees of law enforcement agencies was initiated under the articles terrorist attack and training in order to carry out terrorist activities.

The court's decision notes that the convicts will spend the first four years in prison, the rest of the term they will serve in a high-security colony.

In addition, the convicts were deprived of their titles.

Earlier, during the consideration of this criminal case, the judge stated that according to the results of the past year, 77 attempts to set fire to military enlistment offices were recorded in the country.