Posted 11 апреля 2023,, 08:37

Published 11 апреля 2023,, 08:37

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Updated 11 апреля 2023,, 09:34

Photo of the day: the village in Kamchatka was covered with ash

Photo of the day: the village in Kamchatka was covered with ash

11 апреля 2023, 08:37
Residents of the village of Klyuchi in the Ust-Kamchatsky district publish pictures of a record ashfall over the past 60 years. The thickness of the cover was about 8.5 centimeters.

Locals say that this has never been seen before, although in general they are already used to ashfall in this region.

"Ashfall happens at least 1-2 times a year. People are already used to it, but I've never seen such a strong one", - local resident Irina Gorpinko told The Podyom media.

She noted that three or four hours after the end of the ashfall, people began to slowly take to the streets, wash cars. Locals say that going outside without masks or other respiratory protection is dangerous for health.

"No one from the authorities will clean anything, I think, since the situation is almost ordinary, and with the snow and its melting everything will go away by itself", - a local resident added.

It's worth reminding that Kamchatka was covered with a thick layer of ash after the eruption of the volcano Shiveluch. The volcano spewed a column of ash to a height of 20 kilometers. The region has declared the highest, red code of aviation danger.