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The price of flights in economy class in Russia has reached a maximum in 23 years

The price of flights in economy class in Russia has reached a maximum in 23 years

20 июня 2023, 07:54
According to Rosstat, in May, the average cost of flights in the economy class cabin reached 6972.36 rubles per 1 thousand km — the indicator increased by 28% over the year, which is the maximum since 2000. Prior to that, the record ticket price in the «economy» was 6892.51 rubles. and was fixed in August 2010.

«Since the beginning of 2023, in the first five months, the price of a flight has increased by 32%», — RBC reports, referring to Rosstat data.

According to the statistics of the Federal Antimonopoly Service processed by the Ministry of Transport, the price of economy class tickets for the period January — September 2023 does not exceed the projected inflation rate (4.5–6.5%). The Ministry of Finance has not received proposals to stabilize or reduce the cost of air travel in Russia.

The FAS clarified that in April, economy class flights rose in price by 4% compared to April 2022 — the service tracks more than 500 routes. It is noted that the cost of the flight may be affected by seasonality, demand, inflation, and in 2022 airlines held sales.

«We also note that due to the different data set used in the calculation of indicators, the results of the observation of Rosstat and the FAS of Russia may differ», — the FAS added.

The CEO of the airline «Aeroflot» Sergey Alexandrovsky on the sidelines of the SPIEF said that tickets have risen in price, but not as much as it is reflected in the statistics of Rosstat. According to him, over the five months of 2023, tickets for the Aeroflot group have become more expensive by 10%. One of the main reasons for the rise in price, he called the increase in fuel prices. He noted that the government provides a damper to mitigate the situation, but in 2023 the support does not have such an impact as in 2022.

According to Kommersant, earlier the Ministry of Transport announced the probability of a rise in the price of air tickets by a third by the summer. Deputy Head of the Department Igor Chalik believes that a decrease in the volume of subsidies to the industry compared to 2022 may lead to this.