Posted 21 июня 2023,, 10:15

Published 21 июня 2023,, 10:15

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The war against shorts: what vacationers who decided to rest in Dagestan need to remember

The war against shorts: what vacationers who decided to rest in Dagestan need to remember

21 июня 2023, 10:15
Social networks complain about unusual rules of behavior, which they are warned about at Caucasian resorts.

The unavailability of European resorts, in addition to all other inconveniences, is fraught with such a problem, by no means small in summer, as the dress code. Let's agree that wearing trousers instead of shorts and a long-sleeved T-shirt in the heat is not too pleasant. Especially residents of relatively liberal in this sense of Moscow and St. Petersburg. How can I not remember that in the same Spain or Italy, in France or Germany, there are many Muslims, but no one would think of warning tourists about observing the dress code.

And, in general, there is nowhere to go: this year many Russians will have to go not to their favorite Spanish, Montenegrin or Bulgarian coast for a sea holiday, but at best to Sochi, or even to the Caspian Sea. And that's exactly where they will encounter such warnings.

In social networks, such posters are already spreading with might and main, and the reaction of bloggers to them, in general, is very emotional with a minus sign. Moreover, it is noteworthy that few people call the Caucasian republics Russia:

— In this heat, they wear such clothes — it's just a mockery of common sense!

— Another question is, what should people with a European type of thinking do in Dagestan, as, indeed, in other places with similar traditions? Climbing mountains? So over there in Russia has at least the Urals, even the Chersky Ridge…

— How can a culture, especially one that is not in quotation marks, suffer from shorts worn by a tourist? Why does the culture in Italy or France not suffer from shorts, hijabs, leggings and other clothing paraphernalia? Maybe because she's real there?

Some of the commentators complained about the lack of a «symmetrical response» from the «Russia region»:

— It's a pity that no one explains to young and athletic residents of this region that in the Russia region they also need to behave in accordance with local customs and traditions.

Well, as expected, someone advised just not to go to the Caucasus:

— With the exception of Dagestan, Chechnya and a couple of other beautiful mountain republics, you can quite walk in shorts. No one will spit in your face. Including in Muslim Bashkiria and Tatarstan.