Posted 24 июня 2023,, 10:31

Published 24 июня 2023,, 10:31

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Updated 24 июня 2023,, 17:38

Photos from Rostov, which was captured by the rebels

Photos from Rostov, which was captured by the rebels

24 июня 2023, 10:31
This morning, the head of the Wagner PMCS said that all military facilities in Rostov-on-Don were taken under the control of his fighters. Russian President Vladimir Putin called it betrayal and rebellion.

Traffic is blocked in the city and on the highways leading to it, and Rostov residents took to the streets to find out what was happening. A photo from Rostov was published by the publication «».

Many local residents were dissatisfied with what was happening, which they expressed to the PMCs fighters. There were also those who supported the representatives of Prigozhin's company. A local accordion player tried to defuse the situation, but soon he was asked to leave to play elsewhere so as not to interfere with the military.

Now, large traffic jams are forming near the city due to road closures. Residents of Rostov are asked not to buy food and water in large quantities, the reserves of which will last for a week. Queues are also observed at gas stations.