Posted 24 июня 2023,, 08:04

Published 24 июня 2023,, 08:04

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The highways to the south are clogged with traffic jams — not only the Don highway is paralyzed

The highways to the south are clogged with traffic jams — not only the Don highway is paralyzed

24 июня 2023, 08:04
Automobile communication between Moscow and the southern regions of the country has actually been interrupted. Traffic on the federal highway M-4 «Don» is blocked on the border with the Rostov, Lipetsk and Voronezh regions. Movement along the understudies is also difficult. There are kilometer—long traffic jams in the direction from Moscow.

Yekaterina Maximova

You can try to bypass the M-4 «Don» toll highway along the M2 highways (exit from the West of Moscow), as well as along the R-22 highway (formerly the M6).

According to the Yandex aggregator. Traffic jams as of 10 a.m., on the M2 highway from Moscow towards the South was free. But traffic is already difficult at the sites in the Lapotkovo area before the exit to Efremovo. In Yandex chats. Traffic jams drivers write that the road to Voronezh is already blocked.

To the highway R-22 (M-6) in the direction of A huge traffic jam has formed in Moscow. The road to Tambov is also a stake. On the R-22 highway, you can bypass the M-4 toll highway. In particular, you can bypass Voronezh, where the M-4 highway is already blocked.

In the Voronezh region itself, the authorities have already confirmed that difficulties have begun for motorists. Thus, the administration of the Novousmansky district of the Voronezh Region informs that the exits to the M-4 «Don» highway are closed in the district, and traffic along the R-193 «Voronezh — Tambov» highway towards Voronezh is also restricted. The Government of the Voronezh region recommended to refrain from traveling on roads of federal, regional and local significance — because of the movement of «columns of military equipment».

The authorities of the Rostov region also reported that the Don highway was blocked. A large amount of transport has accumulated in the area of Bataysk, Shakhty, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Millerovo. Many kilometers of traffic jams were formed. The governor instructed the regional rescue services and the units of the regional headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, together with the municipal administrations, to organize the delivery of everything necessary to people stuck in traffic jams. People have been sitting in cars for several hours.

On June 24, the authorities of the southern regions update information on the closure and opening of certain sections of roads of regional and municipal significance. Follow the information carefully. In the truckers' chats, it is reported that all roads are now overloaded. Roadblocks have already been installed on many routes.

Rosavtodor also reports on blocked highways.

The northern passage to Rostov-on-Don, as well as roads to the administrative borders with the DPR and LPR are blocked, Rosavtodor reported. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Krasnodar Territory has agreed on an alternative way of transport towards Rostov-on-Don, bypassing the M-4 «Don» highway, the regional operstab reported. According to him, there is no traffic jam in the direction of Rostov-on-Don within the boundaries of the Kushchevsky district of the Krasnodar Territory.

«In the area of the village of Kushchevskaya, it is necessary to pass through S. Novomikhailovskoye of the Kushchevsky district in the direction of Zernograd (Volgograd—Rostov highway). The decision was made to avoid the accumulation of transport on the federal highway M-4 „Don“ in the direction of Rostov-on-Don, » the headquarters said in a Telegram message.

Highway M-4 on the border of Lipetsk and The Voronezh region is blocked, many kilometers of traffic jams have formed there. Traffic is closed on the highway from 464 to 777 km. In Moscow, Voronezh and Moscow regions, there is a counter-terrorist operation regime.