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Published 25 июня 2023,, 09:51

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After learning about the approach of the rebels, many billionaires and officials ran who where

«They ran away, setting up both the president and the people!» The network condemned the officials who tried to escape from the Prigozhin's mutiny

25 июня 2023, 09:51

After learning about the approach of the rebels, many billionaires and officials ran who where

The behavior of many oligarchs and senior officials, who tried to leave Moscow by all means, caused a violent reaction on social networks.

Ivan Zubov

One of the main consequences of the mutiny involving the Wagner PMCs was the very strange behavior of the elites: already at the very beginning of these events, social networks were flooded with messages not only about how the prices of air tickets to Turkey, the Arab Emirates and other countries jumped, but also about how the number of departures from Moscow airports of business jets owned by Russian oligarchs and even major officials sharply increased. At the same time, it was claimed that the reasons for the flight were either some suddenly urgent matters outside Moscow, or an unexpected malaise that required treatment anywhere but in Moscow, to which the rebel troops were approaching at full speed.

Literally scattered each his own way — Petersburg, Karelia, Urals… And it doesn't matter at all that after the end of the rebellion, many began to slowly return — the very fact of the flight can no longer be hidden.

Suddenly everyone fell ill together and flew to be treated

The experts of the channel «Image of the Future» write about this: «Dozens and hundreds of officials, whose full name easily beats the checklists for Dubai, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi and Yerevan, suddenly requested vacations and an urgent course of treatment.

A separate issue with the police. Yes, there was information that three-quarters of the personnel refused to go against Wagner, but it is unclear for what reason. Is it not for the reason that there was a reservation, the one that forced the authorities to give Prigozhin the keys to the colonies and prisons.

At the same time, the people as a whole perceived the rebellion as «their business.»

Of the consequences of the Wagner March, this will be decisive. During the day, all the moves were recorded, and what they saw was a shock to the Kremlin.»

The BRIEF channel adds to this:

«Against the background of yesterday's „Prigozhin rebellion“, a lot has opened up in a new light. The first is the behavior of our oligarchs and major officials. They ran like cockroaches. All their jets took off. But the main thing is a wave of lies that we are here and the planes are there. Every oligarch got a photo on Ladoga. Even more remarkable were literally tragic texts about the presence in the workplace, although jets, cars with flashing lights have long been plowing St. Petersburg, Kazan, Ples and rarely the Moscow region».


They run because they don't believe in anything!

But the pro-government philosopher Alexander Dugin came to a real shock watching this picture:

«It turns out that many people can substitute the President and the people, acting in the shadows and allegedly on his behalf, but saving the Fatherland in a critical situation is not in their line. It is better to buy expensive tickets. Yesterday's desertion of the elites is meaner than the Upper Lars. There is only one systemic solution: the immediate and real patriotic ideologization of the ruling class and the rotation of the elites. Only an ideologized elite can be required to be heroic and behave appropriately in an emergency situation. From such as now it is useless. We need a sovereign elite. Otherwise, everything will happen again. The weaknesses of our system appeared in all its glory yesterday».