Posted 27 июня 2023,, 06:41

Published 27 июня 2023,, 06:41

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Sochi residents were warned about the upcoming flood

Sochi residents were warned about the upcoming flood

27 июня 2023, 06:41
Sochi authorities have warned residents and guests of the city about the risk of rivers overflowing their banks and landslides during heavy rains.

According to the city administration, against the background of heavy rains on June 27, a sharp rise in the water level in the rivers may begin in the city, which may provoke landslides.

The high probability of heavy rains with thunderstorms and hail in the region became known the day before.

«On rivers, sharp rises in water levels are possible with the achievement of unfavorable marks. The risk of mudflow is increasing», — the RIA Novosti news agency said in a statement.

To combat the consequences of possible emergencies, an operstab has been created in the city. Tourists are warned about the risks of relaxing by the water. Vacationers are advised to refrain from placing near mountain rivers, the water level in which during a downpour can rise in a matter of minutes.

Rains in Sochi has already passed on the night of June 27, but so far there are no severe flooding. Two weeks ago, due to a downpour, the Matsesta River overflowed its banks. The flood damage exceeded one billion rubles. To combat the consequences of the disaster, it was necessary to declare a local emergency mode.