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Published 30 июня 2023,, 09:14

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The Black Sea is in trouble: dangerous garbage from the Dnieper has already sailed to Abkhazia

The Black Sea is in trouble: dangerous garbage from the Dnieper has already sailed to Abkhazia

30 июня 2023, 09:14
Optimists believe that dirty water from the Kakhovsky reservoir will not be able to spoil the rest in Russian resorts, but reality refutes their arguments.

Novye Izvestia has repeatedly addressed the topic of catastrophic pollution of the Black Sea associated with the breakthrough of the Kakhovskaya dam, however, given that the beach season is in full swing, we have once again returned to it.

The media and social networks have been distributing creepy footage from the beaches of the capital of Abkhazia, Sukhumi, for the second day, where the sea is washing up the corpses of pigs and various garbage, including tree trunks. The comments claim that all this «good» was brought by sea from the mouth of the Dnieper after the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam broke. Recall that the size of the natural disaster, in connection with this event, experts consider very colossal. In addition to the fact that dozens of people, thousands of domestic and wild animals were killed, extensive acreage in the south of Ukraine fell into disrepair, and thousands of tons of various harmful substances fell into the Black Sea. And this is not counting the huge number of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines washed away by the flow of water from the fortified areas of the Ukrainian and Russian armies.

Pictures of a natural disaster in The Odessa region was bypassed by the pages of many media: furniture, roofs of houses, garbage, coffin lids from blurred cemeteries, and a lot of the most unexpected things. The authorities of the region have completely banned swimming and fishing in the Black Sea. About a week after the tragedy, the cow's corpse was taken out to one of the beaches of Southern Bulgaria. And this circumstance also had a great resonance, since it inevitably affected the flow of vacationers in this country.

However, optimists have argued and continue to argue that nothing particularly terrible is happening, since the volume of water from the Kakhovsky reservoir that has flowed into the Black Sea is literally a drop in the sea and does not pose a particular threat.

However, optimists forget that the Black Sea is unique in its own way: only its surface layer (130-150 m) is actually seawater, and everything below is water densely saturated with hydrogen sulfide, in which there is practically no organic life. That is, the percentage of pollution of seawater by dirty water from Kakhovka is greatly increasing.

The second argument of optimists is that the system of currents in the Black Sea is such that it will not bring any dirt to the Russian shores. But this is not so: the currents in the Black Sea are very peculiar, the «eight», so that garbage can be taken out anywhere, including in Abkhazia, and, what is most unpleasant for Russian citizens — in Sochi and even Crimea (by the way, the corpses of animals in the water were photographed there).

In addition, another important factor is the powerful European river Danube, which flows into the Black Sea just in the border regions of Ukraine and Romania, and its course goes into the sea for at least a hundred kilometers. It is able to tolerate dirt and to Crimea, and to the Caucasian coast.

So it remains to wait for new unpleasant surprises, and hope for the good work of the sanitary protection authorities in Russian resorts. And also take comfort in the fact that there have been no reports of the discovery of mines so far…