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A resort and a prison rolled in one. What fate awaits the former prisoners from the PMCs «Wagner»

A resort and a prison rolled in one. What fate awaits the former prisoners from the PMCs «Wagner»

20 июля 2023, 12:30
The main part of the Wagner PMCs relocated to Belarus after the march on Moscow. But there was a contingent of former convicts who signed a contract, but did not have time to join the main forces. What will happen to them, and how the lives of people who have exchanged time for service in the PMCs are developing.

A number of media outlets and experts reported that the Wagner Private Security Company had dismissed all former prisoners who had signed contracts with the organization. In particular, ex-Minister of Economy Andrey Nechaev reported about this in his tg channel.

«PMCs „Wagner“ released all the prisoners-mercenaries — now they are resting in Anapa hotels waiting for a pardon. One can only envy the rest of the vacationers», — he said.

Screenshots from chats appeared in the media, where the leadership of the Wagner PMCs communicates with the relatives of the fighters. The messages from there are contradictory. Someone writes that the former convicts were practically under house arrest in hotels, they are not allowed anywhere. According to other sources, the men were given documents and money, and they do not deny themselves anything, including bars and swimming pools.

There is a version that they will stay there until the end of the contract, which is six months, but someone assures that they will be sent home in the near future. According to other reports, a group of men is waiting to be transferred to Belarus or Africa, depending on who signed up for what.

The publications named a number of hotels where the fighters of the Wagner PMC «Cactus», «Relax» and «Calypso» are allegedly located. «Novye Izvestia», tried to find out from the hotel staff what the situation in the hotels is. The phones of the Cactus were not answered. In «Relax» (pictured above), they said that there are no available rooms for the next few days, but you can call in from July 23.

— How is your situation, they write in the telegram that your PMCs is resting, — the employee was asked head-on.

— We just have everything booked, everything is calm and good.

There were no empty seats in the Calypso for the next dates, they did not discuss the guests at the hotel.


From the front — behind bars


According to various estimates, about 50 thousand prisoners passed through the Wagner PMCs. The same figure was called by the founder of the company Evgeny Prigozhin. According to him, about 32 thousand people returned home, having received freedom. Questions about what former prisoners will do and how to live, who will serve their will, arose almost immediately after information about the practice of recruiting fighters in colonies appeared in the public space.

So, the resonance was caused by the story of a former fighter of the PMCS «Wagner» from Perm, who was summoned to court after returning from service. He signed the contract, having an unserved sentence in the form of community service for hooliganism. After the expiration of the contract, Permyak came to the criminal enforcement inspectorate to show a certificate of participation in a special operation, but was detained. The FSIN came out with a petition for tougher punishment — the prosecution asked for six months in prison, but the court added another 177 hours of community service.

An even louder story of Ivan Rossimakhin from the village of Novy Burets in the Kirov region. He went to the PMCs, having a sentence for murder. But after returning to his native village, he killed a man again. The man as a whole was not welcome in his native village. On the eve of a new crime, a story came out on local TV where people complained about the aggressive behavior of an ex-PMCs fighter, he broke the windows of a car and walked around the village shouting «I'll kill everyone.» The head of the district police had to go to the place. Soon Rossomakhin was detained on suspicion of murdering a resident of the village.

But there are also opposite cases. Krasnoyarsk resident Andrey Plyakin decided to become a volunteer after six months at the Wagner PMCs. The 31-year-old man spent 11 years behind bars. After returning from the front, he took up charity work, takes care of the elderly and disabled, and is also going to build a shelter for people in a difficult situation.