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The commander of the PMCS «Wagner» in Belarus is a native of Ukraine

The commander of the PMCS «Wagner» in Belarus is a native of Ukraine

27 июля 2023, 08:27
The identity of the commander of the Wagner PMCs, who, by agreement between Putin and Lukashenko, left for Belarus, has been revealed. It turned out to be Sergey Chubko. The documents about him were handed over to journalists by an unknown person.

46-year-old Sergei Chubko became the commander of the Wagner PMCs in Belarus, the Belarusian newspaper Nasha Niva reported. The head of the mercenaries was born in Chernivtsi in Ukraine in a military family. In Soviet times, the 110th district training center, a radar base and a military airfield were located there. In Odnoklassniki there is a photo of Sergei's father, Vladimir Chubko, which indicates that he fought in Afghanistan.

In 2002, Chubko worked as a security guard in a CHOP in Novorossiysk. His father was also in the security business and even owned a CHOP from 2014 to 2021.

Sergey Chubko managed to work as a minor official in Novorossiysk, after the mayor was replaced in 2003. He headed the Youth Affairs committee. In 2005, Chubko Jr. became deputy head of the administration in the Myskhatsky rural District, which is subordinate to the administration of Novorossiysk.

It is curious that in 2011 Chubko wanted to be deprived of Russian citizenship because he had a Ukrainian passport, the journalists of Nasha Niva write.

In 2014, Sergey Chubko co-founded a Cossack organization in Novorossiysk, whose members went to fight in the DPR and LPR.However, Chubko continued to be listed in his father's security company.

He joined the Wagner PMCs on January 26, 2017, according to the investigators of All Eyes On Wagner, and is going to Syria. In the phone books, his phone number is listed as «Sergey. Syria.» A year later, in Syria, Chubko led the Wagner military operation in Eastern Ghouta. In February 2018, Chubko, as part of the Wagnerians, came under American fire when the PMCs unsuccessfully tried to seize a gas processing plant in Hashama. Then 80 Wagnerians died.

A year later, Chubko served in Libya and even headed the PMCs there. One of the colleagues recalls a conversation with Chubko like this:

«In 2019, an order was received to quickly send Syrians from our ISIS Hunters squad to Libya. When they arrived there, a call came from „Pioneer“: „Listen, but those whom you sent, can they be used as suicide bombers?“What normal person would ask that! Especially about my guys.“

After Libya, Chubko left Wagner, but then returned, and in 2021 was sent to the TSAR.

After Prigozhin's rebellion, Sergei Chubko went to Belarus.