Yekaterina Shulman: Then it will be called belle époque - carefree pre-war time

Yekaterina Shulman: Then it will be called belle époque - carefree pre-war time

Yekaterina Shulman: Then it will be called belle époque - carefree pre-war time

2 March, 15:31
Political scientist Yekaterina Shulman, in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, commented on what is happening in our country in connection with the Russian military special operation in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed by the world community in response to this.

“... We are not the first, we are not the last to experience a historical drama, and perhaps even a historical catastrophe.

Other countries and peoples also found themselves in this situation.

Peoples, in general, are quite rarely exterminated to the ground. We know examples of those peoples with whom they purposefully tried to do this, but they also somehow remained alive and even then founded their own state.

So from the face of the Earth we, as a collective entity, I hope, will not disappear, but, as they say, not each of us will continue to be a part of this collective entity.

Probably, our form of political existence will change rather quickly. I don’t know how the Russian Federation is, at what time intervals it will look like, be called, what it will consist of ...

Now, in pursuit of more stable stability, we have come to the conclusion that our former statehood is being deformed and changing before our eyes.

What can you advise here, except to re-read the Stoics again? And, by the way, to protect what we have - from relationships with people to things.

I hope you haven't done any Marie Kondo decluttering? Not? That's right, you don't have to.

What you have, do not throw it away, dear listeners, it will still be useful for you to exchange. They won't bring a new one. What is - that is, with what they remained, they remained with that.

Take special care of your office equipment. Do not bend the chargers to the phones, do not bend the wires to the phones, bandage them with electrical tape, again, if anything, there will be no new ones; remotes - in a cellophane, plastic bags are also better to collect. A good thing, a plastic bag, where else can you get it from?

I mean, that's all. On the other hand, this can be interpreted as environmentally conscious consumption, which is popular even among younger generations.

The years of conspicuous consumption, in general, are over.

And for all their charm, of course, later it will be described as belle époque - a beautiful, carefree and immoral pre-war time; there was a significant element of immorality in this.

Managed to live - also good. Again, there will be something to remember. How much we managed to accumulate - and moral capital, and knowledge, and skills, so much we will take with us into this new existence.

The entire issue with the participation of Ekaterina Shulman can be viewed here .

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