Covid vs Gulag: is it worth to come to terms with the pandemic, admitting that now it is forever?

Covid vs Gulag: is it worth to come to terms with the pandemic, admitting that now it is forever?
Covid vs Gulag: is it worth to come to terms with the pandemic, admitting that now it is forever?
11 January 2021, 17:14
Some advise to try to get used to the new reality, and then the chances of survival will be maximum, while others, on the contrary, advocate to defend their freedom.

Publicist Marina Shapovalova advised her readers not to rebel against the new reality created by the pandemic, comparing it to the Stalinist camps:

“Survivors of the Stalinist repressions said that the ability to survive largely depended on the initial attitude towards the arrest. Experienced political leaders advised newcomers who had just been arrested to immediately stop hoping and accept a new reality for the sake of saving mental strength: everything, the old life is over, there will be no return to it. We must forget about it and not remember. You need to focus on studying new circumstances of life, the rules of existence in prison, on transfers, in camps - this will allow you to adapt, find ways to maintain your physical condition, not to fall in vain under the distribution, finally, and the like.

Those who tried to support themselves by believing in a "monstrous mistake" that was about to be revealed, who perceived what was happening to themselves as a bad dream, refusing to believe in it, quickly frustrated themselves. They went crazy, brought themselves to extreme exhaustion, as a result, they quickly died or died due to stupidity.

Information terror with "news" about virus mutations, "superinfections", the terrible consequences of vaccinations with a shockingly growing death count are superimposed on the psyche, tired of lockdowns and inhibitions, causing emotional burnout. You just hoped that this nightmare would someday end, that there were three or four months left to endure, well, six months, and then you are told that the situation is getting worse every day, the virus is getting worse, and even vaccines will not bring salvation from it. All prohibitive measures, therefore, must be strengthened - the "monstrous mistake and bad dream" are extended for an indefinite time, there is no end in sight.

In order not to go crazy with the loss of hope for deliverance, one must understand: this is forever. There will be no return to the former, you are forever in a camp with such established procedures. They need to be accepted and adjusted, planning your life with them in mind.

The virus has nothing to do with it.

All the "news" about his mutations and the prohibitively increasing lethality are fake. They are the instrument, the overseer whip, to get you back in line. So that it doesn't seem to you that you can take a step left and right.

Calmly admitting that you are an "asymptomatic carrier - a killer of old women", without violating the established procedures, without attracting the attention of sanitary supervisors, you can quietly surf the Internet, learning from it that there is no new strain: mutations do not make the virus resistant to all vaccines , the same antibodies act against it. "Superinfection" is not something new, super-destructive, but simply a second infection plus the first. That none of the vaccines that have begun to be used in the world have any unforeseen dire consequences. At least for now: all tragic cases are quite understandable, although - yes, alas - statistically inevitable, which no one was knowingly hiding. As well as the cases of repeated infections - in view of their single exclusivity, you would never know anything about them if information terror was not directed against you.

In short, getting used to the new reality, you can find out that your chances of survival are maximum. Especially with the advent of vaccines. It is worth taking advantage of this, preventing anyone from driving you to moral exhaustion, driving you into depression with paralyzing fear.

Stay healthy!"


American resident Alexander Nezhevlev argued with the author in the comments, who gave his arguments:

“No, follow, please, this vile logic - “put up with”!

This is - quite typical for Russians - they have followed this logic for a thousand years.

That is why Russia is in the "ass", on the outskirts of civilization.

I know about such storytellers of the GULAG - one must, they say, put up with, - it is easier to live - it was from them that the "informers" were born later (this was the easiest way to live!), "Bitches" and other "schnyrs"...

And this post suggests following their logic???

“The Gulag Archipelago” on this page, I think, everyone has read - and they know very well about all the groups of people who are remarkably described by Solzhenitsyn, and not only about the “informers” and the orthodox ... And let everyone choose for themselves - which type suits him?

If slavish, opportunistic, like Marina's, please! - for the Russian life this is what you need! Because the Power has a guard, so adjust to its desires.

But for the USA, it is absolutely not suitable!

People from all over the world have traveled there for generations for Freedom - just from this Gulag in its various variations - and they need to come to terms with a bunch of putschists who staged a coup in the United States thanks to this fake "virus"?

When they brazenly not only deceived the entire Nation with the "elections" of the Russian model, but also try to seize Power in the most natural "Bolshevik" way, introducing censorship, turning off the "post-telegraph" to the current president of the country, behind whom at least 90% of the population! And you, Marina, suggest that these three hundred million freedom-loving people put up with it? To also endure this gang, passing on Power by inheritance for a hundred or two years? And live, returning to Orwell, as in Russia?

Leave this recommendation for yourself, it does not work here.

And it won't work - it's 100%!

Live by the prison rules yourself - "Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask"...

We will somehow manage without them, without these prison rules...

We've heard about it... We've read...

Meanwhile, as rural cyclops,

In front of a slow fire

Treat with the Russian hammer

This light product of Europe,

Blessing the ruts

And the ditches of the paternal land..."

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