Question of the day: will re-quarantine be introduced in the country and in the world?

Question of the day: will re-quarantine be introduced in the country and in the world?
Question of the day: will re-quarantine be introduced in the country and in the world?
11 September 2020, 12:52
Despite the almost complete senselessness of reintroducing quarantine measures, Europe and Russia are likely to agree to them again.

In Europe and Russia, more and more new cases of coronavirus are again registered. And although, according to experts, the death rate from the disease is much less, people are preparing for the second wave of the pandemic, or rather, for the second quarantine. It is quite obvious that, taught by the bitter experience of the first, they treat the second in a completely different way. So, journalist Dmitry Ponomaryov openly mocks everyone's preparations for a new wave:

“The most important thing this fall is the date and terms of the new lockdown (quarantine). And will it be introduced at all? So far, the situation in EuroReich is completely schizophrenic and the talking vegetables believing in the "terrible virus" are pathologically afraid to even think about it. In transport, in shopping centers, in pharmacies, you must wear muzzles. But in a fitness center, swimming pool, pub, restaurant or nightclub - diapers on the face are not needed.

Anyone from the Covid-idiots can explain this? Why does the virus threaten the passengers of the tram, but not take the crowd thumping in the bar? Why are the pools open, but in the museum you have to walk strictly in a rag (no matter how clean, by the way)? Why? Are there different viruses? Or does Kovidka have such selectivity?

In fact, everyone fights before the second lockdown. A week and a half ago, the Minister of Health of the Federal Republic of Germany complained that "we will try to do without the quarantine." But excuse me, how? In all districts there is a rapid increase in the number of "sick" (it is clear that most of the increase is shown there, but vegetables sacredly believe in it). In the spring they screamed that there was no way without quarantines. You can't get off with masks alone.

And what is it like to sit under house arrest for another 2-3-4 months? Again the ban on small and medium-sized businesses. Budgetary and transport collapse. The collapse of big business (banks, development, industry). It is necessary to close the borders ("red zone"!). This summer, I plotted on a map how the shitty red zone rolls up and down from Zagreb to Salzburg. Was funny.

Well, of course, schools, kindergartens, various courses and higher educational institutions must be closed, since such crap has gone. Parents under arrest, children - stay at home and not go out. There is a covidla. So there will be a fun time..."

The Proeconomics channel reports on how Russian business is preparing to meet the new wave:

“Despite the government's assurances of an imminent victory over the coronavirus, a number of associations and departments are preparing for its second wave.

The Retail Trade Association (AKORT) is working with Rospotrebnadzor (RPN) to develop regulations for trading companies in the event of the second wave of coronavirus. The regulation was drawn up taking into account the recommendations developed by the RPN and includes provisions on the observance of protective measures in stores by employees of retail outlets and distribution centers, including the rules for disinfecting premises and surfaces, rules for wearing PPE and maintaining social distance. With the adoption of the new regulation, AKORT and RPN hope to avoid the need for a massive closure of retail outlets in the spring of 2020 during the second wave of coronavirus.

Russian retail (and throughout the world) will no longer withstand the second wave of quarantine. Chairman of the Presidium of AKORT Sergey Belyakov cites statistics: 1 day of self-isolation in the spring of 2020 for non-food retail in Russia as a whole resulted in losses of 35 billion rubles. - that is, more than 1 trillion. rub. per month..."

Social psychologist Alexei Roshchin makes an uncomfortable forecast of how the Russian authorities will behave, which have so far denied the possibility of a second quarantine. You can hardly trust them:

“Starting almost in July, rumors have been circulating among“ knowledgeable people ”that“ from September 20, everyone will go back to quarantine, and even more severe”. Friends of teachers told me that supposedly someone somewhere even saw a certain corresponding order, which featured the same date and universal transfer to distance learning.

At the same time, the authorities have fluently and regularly refuted these persistently circulating rumors. Especially Sobyanin tried, who in general magically after June 15 literally seemed to have thrown in the air from Saul to Paul - from a fierce persecutor of all freely roaming citizens to an almost covid-dissident, in response to any mention of the "epidemic" he just waving his hand lazily - " what nonsense, leave this nonsense! " The last time in August, Sobyanin almost laughed in the face of the correspondents, answering about the "new quarantine", and this - the laughing robot Sobyanin - in itself looked alarming and frightening.

And now - under these dark creeping rumors from below, under the giggles and khakhanki from above - imperceptibly, but steadily, a new injection began. Suddenly they began to wind up the "covid counter" in the opposite direction - exactly from the first ten days of September. Either their "number of infected" in Russia per day fell below 5,000 - and then it suddenly turned around in an incomprehensible way, suddenly began to grow (after a continuous fall since May, with the announcement of the "vote on amendments") - again broke through the boundary of "5000", but already from below - and continues to grow!

Here we must take into account the absolutely man-made character of all this "covid statistics". "The water of the Kuban River flows Where the Bolsheviks command". The very concept of "infected" (not sick!) Is absolutely empty and does not mean anything in essence, because they have "half of them are asymptomatic", that is, covid from non-covid does not differ in anything at all. Draw, in a word, any numbers, almost like on "voting" - the paper will endure everything. The ideal, of course, tool was invented, for "asymptomatic" - a separate five for creatives.

At the same time, it should also be noted that in the general covid concentration camp, into which the world has imperceptibly turned into, Russia unexpectedly turned out to be almost the funniest barrack, with the easiest conditions of detention. The same Europeans, judging by the rare groans coming from there, are being trained - for now - much more ferociously. There, for example, it is in the order of things to demand the wearing of masks even on the street (!), And the general passion of Europeans for denunciation and order turns out to be a terrible side: a friend living in Spain returned there from Russia and complained that at the airport and on the flight he had to to constantly sit not just in a mask, but in a mask "in full", because as soon as he tried to stick out at least his nose, he immediately received angry remarks ... from neighbors! "Cover your nose, please !!" After the Russian freelancer, he complained, there was a real feeling that he was returning to prison - and in Spain (where the police caught boys on scooters before his eyes and issue them fines of 100 euros for a mask ... lowered on the chin!) This feeling only intensified...

So the question is - how long will we remain the funniest barrack? In theory, the authorities have no more reason to keep the Russian herd free-range. "Voting" was successfully drawn as it should, a picture of general approval was given, everyone was served in the best possible way; The next regional elections will be held on September 13 - and, in fact, everything, it's time to go to the stalls. The people have become insolent - they refuse to be vaccinated. Do not believe, you know, in the miraculousness of the vaccine. And if you keep him in quarantine for another month or two, and announce that only the "vaccinated" will get the right to free exit from the apartment ?! Probably, they will skip to run, according to Agnia Barto: "Well, just think, an injection - injected and went!" Especially if the imprisonment regime is made stricter, with a sort of general "curfew". Lukashenka has shown that there is no need to stand on ceremony with the people: if you treat everyone properly with truncheons, the people will only clog the Internet with pictures of their cyanotic butts, and nothing more unpleasant will happen. But everything will be like silk.

Otherwise, it is difficult to explain why they suddenly began to draw "growth dynamics" to us, and also constantly clog the airwaves with stories about the "second wave". Everything looks exactly like that of a bad series, where the author deliberately "creates a climax" from scratch. Here it is very likely that the "culmination" is being driven to that same "September 20" - a date that has been refuted a hundred times from high offices, and therefore even more ominous.

So cover your noses, fellow citizens. The preparation of the "second wave" seems to be entering a decisive phase. And it’s somehow even indecent - the whole world, including the leading countries of the West - the United States and Western Europe - is exhausted in the fight against the terrible covid, walks all over the place in masks - and we somehow lag behind, we show criminal frivolity. We need to push..."


And the remarkable Russian poet Alexey Tsvetkov responded to the increasing probability of the second wave with a quatrain:

the ancient Greek once did not believe

that you can fall into the river twice,

but in principle, a dumbhead may exist

which is destined to a quarantine twice...

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