Dmitry Nekrasov: "Coronavirus disease statistics are extremely inaccurate"

Dmitry Nekrasov: "Coronavirus disease statistics are extremely inaccurate"
Dmitry Nekrasov: "Coronavirus disease statistics are extremely inaccurate"
15 October 2020, 10:39
Official Russian statistics reflect only the tip of the iceberg, and not only because the authorities manipulate it, but also because of the obvious shortcomings of the entire health care system.

Political analyst Dmitry Nekrasov published on his blog a very interesting report on his personal observations of how the second wave of coronavirus is proceeding in Russia:

“I myself always try to rely on official statistics in my arguments, and I am skeptical about stories from the category “one woman said”. However, sometimes such stories can be interesting to someone.

In Cyprus, nobody I know has been sick. But here I have a smaller circle of contacts, and in general, the incidence rate is several times lower than the Russian one. But according to my Russian (mainly Moscow) friends and relatives, I can make the following observations:

  1. In a sample of my friends and relatives, the incidence of corona is simply cosmic. Of the 50-70 people in the closest circle of friends + relatives, more than 20 were ill. Of these, only 8 relatives, including my parents, are more than half of close friends. From this I do not draw any conclusions about the incidence rate in the country as a whole. Still, my social circle is people with active social connections, the factor of chance is great, and some of them got infected from each other.
  2. None of those who had been ill were seriously ill. Someone immediately showed antibodies, they did not notice how sick they were. Someone was lying for 2-3 days after the rules. Without any major complications. At the same time, among the patients there were 2 relatives well over 70 and 60-year-old parents. Well, in general, thank God, no one was seriously hurt. (from this I also do not draw any conclusions).
  3. The accuracy of Russian corona tests is extremely low. Surrounded by 4 cases, when, with all the symptoms, people did a Russian test and it showed nothing, and then they did normal Korean and it revealed the crown. There are 2 more cases when, with all the symptoms (loss of smell, temperature, contact with the sick), our test showed nothing, and then they did not do a normal one, so it cannot be said 100%, but 90% + the same story. A lot was written about this fact in the spring, I just want to note that my personal sample (without pretending to be representative) unambiguously confirms it.
  4. More than half of those who were ill were not included in any official statistics. Someone simply because they detected antibodies later, but the disease itself was not noticed (which is normal). Someone because he did tests through private clinics specifically so as not to get into the general database. And this is a pretty interesting trend. The severity and unpredictability of state measures leads to the fact that people with opportunities try to heal and self-isolate themselves somehow, deliberately bothering not to get into common bases, because who knows what our state can do.

And 6 more cases, already mentioned in the previous paragraph, boiled down to the following: people have a loss of smell, temperature, contact with sick people, they call a doctor, he does a test, the test does not detect a virus, and although there is every reason to believe that the corona, the doctor puts ARVI diagnosis. I repeat, out of these 6 in 4 cases, import tests later showed that it really is a crown.

In general, the official statistics clearly reflect only the tip of the iceberg. In reality, there are many more cases. And this is not necessarily because the bloody regime is manipulating something on purpose (somewhere, probably, but this is hardly the main factor), but because the system at the grassroots level works the way it does.


I forgot to say right away, but it's important. There are several cases from friends when one spouse was ill, and the other was not isolated from him. Including the case when my peer lay with a crown with a temperature for several days, and his wife took care of him all the time and did not get sick. My grandfather is 89 years old, after spending a couple of days with ailing parents (until they found out) he did not get sick and my mother's uncle, too, even though he was in close contact. In general, a lot of people are resistant for some reason..."

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