Mikhail Khazin: "Russia can return to the red global project"

Mikhail Khazin: "Russia can return to the red global project"

Mikhail Khazin: "Russia can return to the red global project"

17 December 2020, 16:29
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CG7VD_sYRsI
On his YouTube channel, economist Mikhail Khazin commented to the editor of International Affairs magazine on the prospects of the world economy in the context of the coronavirus and the rupture of many trade chains.

Globalization, of course, is over. But, again, each global project has its own globalization.

Until 1991, there were two globalization projects in the world - Soviet and Western.

Now the situation is changing, the world is falling apart.

China, economically, tried to go beyond its borders and found it was failing. Why? Because when he gives money, they take money, but he cannot gain a foothold.

Since China is a priori national project. Except the Chinese themselves, no one perceives him.

For this reason, China's only chance is to accept some kind of global project.

This is why they are talking again about a return to socialism, a red global project. If it works, it won't work, it's a separate topic.

In addition, China is facing a very strong economic downturn, very strong. About the same scale as in the USA.

But we can just return to the red project, because we still need to capture, roughly speaking, that part of the world that we will get as a result of this collapse of the world into currency zones.

That is why we do not need to bother with Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and so on now. Now these are, relatively speaking, Soros projects. But Soros is liberals, international financiers. They are losing.

For this reason, the worse it is there now, the easier it will be for us in three or four years.

But if there was a powerful center of power... We can see this on the example of Belarus, because Lukashenko always puts a spoke in our wheels, because he begins to explain that he is a sovereign power, although economically he absolutely depends on us, the market for Belarusian goods is in Russia.

And Ukraine tore everything up and now, accordingly, as soon as Soros disappears and the purge of the Ukrainian oligarchs begins, the whole project "Ukraine" ends. And so - everywhere.

The situation is absolutely similar with Poland, for example. There, society is already demanding the removal of not just pro-American forces, but pro-liberal American forces oriented towards Biden and Clinton.

And those people who will come there, whether they are at least three times nationalists - with Brussels they already have everything, and with Berlin.

And where should they go? Only to us. I can assure you that they will come and explain everything very clearly why they want and what.

And, by the way, there are forty million of them, this is a market, no matter what. Therefore, we will come to an agreement with them".

You can watch the entire conversation with Mikhail Khazin here.

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