Question of the day: can you trust covid-dissidents?

Question of the day: can you trust covid-dissidents?
Question of the day: can you trust covid-dissidents?
21 December 2020, 14:01
The so-called covid-dissidents make a substitution when, instead of quite understandable alertness to new vaccines, they declare that all vaccines are evil, and the coronavirus itself is fake.

Network analyst Andrey Pesotsky responds in his publication to covid-dissidents, who with all their might warn about the dangers of vaccination in general, and the Russian vaccine, in particular:

It is amazing how strong the anti-vaccine wave is, sometimes in its most grotesque forms. The thesis "vaccines are useful", understood by any schoolchild about thirty years ago, sometimes causes the wildest stupor and denial among the population. A society that is falling into the "new Middle Ages" is ready to believe new shamans and sorcerers who only broadcast on youtube than the collectives of entire research institutes. Arguments in support of common sense are perhaps overlooked more often than the spreading fear of vaccination in any form.

Conspiracy theorists tell us that there is a conspiracy of corporations, WHO, and governments all around, although at a time when even Assange's investigations no longer seem to be the height of perfection, it is absolutely impossible to keep such large-scale manipulations a secret if they happened. Someone from a participant in the conspiracy would certainly have pierced, becoming a world star. Any "chipizer" who decided to tell the world the whole scheme of deception would turn into a rich man with a secure future. But there are no such punctures, since there is no conspiracy in the grotesque form in which it is presented by the crazy four-sided.

A good cold shower against hoaxes is calm historical discourse about the benefits of vaccination. By the way, here is a good overview text under the simple title "History of Vaccination".

Few people are now interested in understanding, for example, how smallpox was defeated. The very word "vaccination" comes from the experiments of the Briton Edward Jenner, who discovered that in order to develop immunity in humans, they need to be vaccinated with cowpox. For a long time he sought scientific recognition, and in 1798 he moved to London, where he began looking for volunteers to vaccinate - so he named the new procedure in honor of the Variolae Vaccinae disease used. Thus, from the Latin the word "vaccination" would be more correct to translate as a kind of "cowing". In 1799, Jenner was lucky - he managed to convince several doctors of the effectiveness of the invented procedure, and they began to use it for their patients with constant success.

Vaccinations blew up the medical world in Britain and then Europe and the New World. By 1800, she reached the United States, where President Thomas Jefferson immediately organized a national vaccination program. Europe was vaccinated with cowpox totally, in America the situation was similar. Although, there were also skeptics who were afraid of "getting healed".

Now, like more than two hundred years ago, it is necessary to explain to people the importance of vaccines. And I'm not even talking about the benefits and harms of this or that vaccine, our "Sputnik" or the bourgeois remedy from Fazer, but that vaccination is the correct path of human development, beaten by centuries.

Finally, one of the arguments of anti-vaccinators - "can this government really do something good?" In fact, not only "this government" is involved in the development of vaccines, but also scientists. Formal logic also dictates that it is very unprofitable for "this government" for the vaccine to fail. If we proceed from the fact that Sputnik V is some kind of bummer, initially harmful to the population, then we seriously believe that the same Putin is ready to substitute himself so seriously.

Naturally, the vaccine is a project of national importance, it is under strict control. This does not guarantee against errors, but there is a difference between the words "error" and "intent". Naturally, it is beneficial for the Kremlin for the vaccine to work, and it is extremely unprofitable for the hellish side effects to go from it. To believe that Putin will deliberately poison tens of millions of people, bringing down his precious rating, is not to understand the logic of the modern state structure...


The skepticism and fears about new, not yet fully tested vaccines are understandable. One can agree with such a cautious position. But the covid-dissidents make a substitution - from the theses "I do not trust this vaccine yet", which are voiced even by well-known virologists, real scientists of the corresponding profile, goes to "modern vaccines are evil" and goes on - "the Sputnik vaccine is deliberately made bad in order to harm "Or" the virus is a fake, there is a masked genocide". Here it is necessary to monitor the clarity of the argumentation, to bring such manipulations to the surface - to pay attention to the violation of logic, thanks to which the skeptic, who was not initially tuned in to the conspiracy of the X-Files series, slip Mulder's hallucinations as an objective reality. Watch out for cheaters...

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