Question of the day: how dangerous the unemployed migrants are?

Question of the day: how dangerous the unemployed migrants are?
Question of the day: how dangerous the unemployed migrants are?
22 April 2020, 12:58
Nationalists are sure that this was caused by the Kremlin 's incorrect migration policy in the face of the crisis.

The Russian nationalist Vitaliy Drobyshev is concerned about the difficult situation in which migrants working in Russia find themselves in connection with the pandemic. Due to the sharp drop in living standards, they are forced to commit crimes the victims of which are citizens of Russia, said Drobyshev, blaming the Kremlin for the short-sighted migration policy. It should be noted that, along with migrants, the very same crimes are committed by the citizens of Russia themselves, so that not only the migration, but also the entire social policy of the state turned out to be flawed.

Here is what Drobyshev writes:

“The other day, President Putin took care of migrants, mainly the guests from the Central Asian republics. Until June 15, he tolerantly allowed to employ the foreigners without a work permit, and it was also decided not to expel illegal migrants out of Russia.

A very strange decision in the current crisis situation, when dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of Russians lost their jobs... It turns out that those who will not be hired will now have to be supported by Russian taxpayers?

Meanwhile, in the Leningrad Region, in places of residence of foreign labor, military doctors began to deploy military field hospitals. The first appeared at the beginning of this week near the village of Belokamenka, where 79 multinational builders with coronavirus had been identified before.

In addition, a tent hospital was set up in the village of Novosergievka, where a criminal case was opened in one of the illegal hostels for violating the sanitary-epidemiological rules. Then 35 migrants became infected with coronavirus infection.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that governs the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons in the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus, according to the Kremlin website April 18.

According to the document, from March 15 to June 15, the terms of temporary stay, temporary or permanent residence of foreigners in the Russian Federation are frozen, as well as the terms for which stateless persons are registered at the place of stay or place of residence if they expire during this period.

Also during this period, employers can hire foreigners without permission to work in Russia - subject to sanitary and epidemiological standards.

In addition, until June 15, no decisions will be made on the expulsion of illegal migrants from Russia. Also postponed the departure abroad of those foreigners who voluntarily decided to leave Russia.

Meanwhile, migrants began to rob the inhabitants of Moscow, robbing them of food and money, and this happens with the complete connivance of the Moscow authorities and the police.

So, in a parking lot near the Auchan hypermarket, two Asian men showed a screwdriver to a 29-year-old resident of the Moscow Region and demanded that they give packages with groceries bought for 8,200 rubles.

Earlier in the capital, five Uzbeks were arrested, who attacked a father and son on the street and brutally beat them, taking 2000 rubles. Of course, everyone has already been caught, but! Soon this will be even more - people really go fishing because they have nothing to eat.

During interrogations, the criminals reported that they were left without work and they needed money for food and accommodation.

In addition, new cases of migrant attacks on taxi drivers in order to wean money have been recorded in Moscow. One of them: “Guys, they nearly killed her husband. We took from Kursky to Parkovaya, three Asians, payment for cash, on the way we asked to stop at the "grocery" pavilion, a noose and took all the money back! 2900 says they took, alive, strangled and fled. The statement in mentovka was given. Cops said that migrants are now robbing taxi drivers very much, be careful, ”the Muscovite writes.

The media also reported dozens of cases of robbery and extortion of money by Asian migrants in Moscow.

On Easter Sunday, April 17, in Moscow and the regions about a dozen cases of harassment and attacks of migrants from Central Asia were recorded in order to obtain money and food.

Among them, according to Criminal Russia, three cases of extortion of money by migrant workers from Auchan shopping center on Teply Stan, METRO on Kashirskoye Shosse, an unsuccessful attempt to rip gold earrings out of their ears and take away a smartphone with a grocery bag in Rostov-on-Don, theft a grocery bag in Samara and attempted robberies in St. Petersburg and the Far East ...

Earlier, experts, media and forensic scientists warned of the beginning of the growth of crimes committed by migrant workers who lost their jobs in cities with a population of one million people. At the same time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs warned that such a situation could cause ethnic conflicts in Russia.

“I worked as a second cook in a restaurant, but when quarantine began, the restaurant closed and we were all fired. Where to go? Construction sites do not work, and the ones that works do not accept new workers. The brothers said that there were no orders and earnings in the taxi, and as a courier you may receive just 1000 rubles a day! But you want to eat, you have to pay for a bed, at home a family of 12 people is waiting for money! I do regret, I apologize and I ask you not to punish me very hard - I didn’t kill anyone, I just showed a knife”, - one of the residents of Uzbekistan, detained after a Muscovite robbery, explained the reasons for the crime.

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