Fyodor Lukyanov: "The integrity of the world will be ensured by private business"

Fyodor Lukyanov: "The integrity of the world will be ensured by private business"
Fyodor Lukyanov: "The integrity of the world will be ensured by private business"
22 December 2020, 14:40Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5osmEbaeao
Director for Research of the Foundation for Development and Support of the Valdai International Discussion Club, political scientist Fyodor Lukyanov spoke about the main factors that will further determine the success of national states.

“As the experience of this year has shown, the main property that is expected from any state is the ability to mobilize its resources to protect the security of citizens.

This is a guarantee of the stability of the state, and stability already provides - or does not provide, if it does not exist - even in the world, even in the region, at least anywhere.

And these are not derivatives of the pandemic, it began to manifest itself for a long time.

It has long become clear that this internal resistance to any influence for the state is of primary importance. The pandemic just highlighted this a lot.

In practice, this will most likely mean that the focus on internal affairs among states will become more and more obvious, including through a reduction in efforts that are being made outside.

That is, leadership is being rethought.

If in the post-Cold War era international leadership was interpreted as the ability to unite everyone and lead somewhere, and these qualities were attributed to themselves - or really possessed them - by the United States of America, now even there we are witnessing different moods.

And the change from Trump to Biden will not fundamentally change the situation, since this need to respond to the needs of its own population - and in many cases its own population does not understand why all this external activity is needed - becomes a general rule.

In short, states need to strengthen themselves, but the way to ensure the integrity of the world is rather private business, which is transnational in its nature.

On the one hand, he also requires the state to provide these opportunities, and on the other, he himself, in general, must overcome those problems that are associated with the general fragmentation of the world, which remains interconnected".

You can watch Fyodor Lukyanov's commentary here.

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