Question of the day: why there was no epidemic in China 's neighbouring countries?

Question of the day: why there was no epidemic in China 's neighbouring countries?
Question of the day: why there was no epidemic in China 's neighbouring countries?
28 April 2020, 12:40
Practically no victims of the coronavirus were recorded and almost no serious quarantine measures were introduced in in Vietnam, Laos and in Cambodia, which are visited by millions of China citizens.

The same can be said about Pakistan, Mexico and a number of other densely populated countries, where the mortality from the virus was negligible.

An extremely interesting post was left on her blog by Martin Do, who lives in Vietnam:

“Some people tried to blame me here, that in Vietnam“ everything is wrong, they showed us on tilivizir! ”, However, I have first-hand information. I live and work in Vietnam for a year (now I have to sit in Bangkok), so I can talk a lot about Vietnam in detail. Once again, point by point, I will tell you how everything happened in Vietnam - and what the result is.

Yesterday's news:

"Vietnam has not seen any new Covid-19 patients for the fourth straight day today, April 20, keeping the cumulative total number of confirmed cases at 268, said the Health Ministry."

So, for 4 consecutive days in a 98 millionth country there is not a single case, there were 268 cases in total, 207 of them recovered safely - all cases of recovery were widely covered in the press. Died 0. The remaining cases are under observation. Who does not know: Vietnam, especially the city of Ho Chi Minh - this is the real Babylon in the number of foreigners. So, to 98 million inhabitants it is necessary to add about a million more foreigners who permanently live and work here.

And Vietnam announced its intention to become the first country in Southeast Asia, ready to resume international tourism.

Let me remind you how the situation in Vietnam developed:

January 23-29, Chinese New Year - crowds of tourists from all over the world, all borders are open, all flights fly, crowds of tourists from China.

January 30 - a decision was made not to open schools after the Chinese New Year.

February 1 - a ban on direct flights with China, but all the Chinese still fly "crookedly" - through Bangkok or Kuala.

February 26 - passengers from 2 Korean cities (Daegu and Gyeongsang) are required to quarantine upon arrival (about 100 thousand Koreans live and work in Ho Chi Minh).

March 7 is a ban on direct flights with South Korea, but all of my acquaintances Koreans perfectly fly back and forth through Bangkok and Kuala.

March 14th - all bars and pubs in the center of Saigon are closed (only in District 1), but restaurants and coffee shops are open, all markets are open. On the eve of March 13 (Friday) I was in 3 bars in the center, everywhere was very crowded.

March 15 - a ban on the entry of citizens of the European Union and the United Kingdom. My friend from Russia calmly flew in from Kuala Lumpur that day.

March 18 - a ban on issuing visas to all foreigners. All arriving citizens of the European Union, the USA and Southeast Asia are subject to 14-day compulsory quarantine (those with a temporary residence permit or valid visa can enter)

March 21 - all arrivals (both foreigners and Vietnamese) are sent to mandatory quarantine

March 22 - ban on entry of all foreigners

March 25 - everything except the necessary services is closed in Hanoi (grocery stores, banks, markets, mail - open)

March 28 - all services except stores, banks, markets and post offices are closed throughout the country.

April 01 - Social Distancing mode is introduced in the country, until April 15, now it has been extended until April 22, but since April 16, many offices have resumed work.

I'd add on my own: the pools (all new houses have their own pool and gym) were closed on February 7, gyms - in early March, and parks were closed after March 20.

But at the same time: many offices (especially Korean and Japanese) continued to work, markets worked, street food worked (street karaoke too, ha ha), there was no ban on going out and moving around the city (in the north of the country they were point-closed on lockdown some villages). Vietnamese are very social people by nature, so they did not want to work at home, all our employees wanted to return to the office. The families here are huge, several generations live under one roof, from ancient grandmothers to newborns, so social distancing here is very conditional.

According to the chronology, it is easy to track that a country with a vast border with China, hosting hundreds of thousands of tourists lived an almost ordinary life until mid-March! A country where there are many elderly people - and these elderly people do not distance themselves. A country where street and street food hygiene is highly questionable. And nothing bad happened. No refrigerators for bodies, mountains of corpses on the sidelines, crowded morgues, no horrors and tantrums.


Dr. Vadim, who has been working for many years in Cambodia, neighboring Vietnam, writes practically the same thing about his country, and draws extremely interesting conclusions from these facts:

“I will not convince anyone of anything. 30 years of work in medicine give a good experience to combat prejudice. I do not believe in fairy tales and myths about health. I am a practitioner and believe only what I simultaneously hear and see with my own eyes.

Part number 1

Watching all the fuss from the KV-19 from the very beginning and tracking how events are developing in all directions, including the country of my residence, it is safe to say that this is a very smart interesting survival game !!! Those who have analytical thinking will immediately see a lot of inconsistencies in all this crazy idea-CORONAVIRUS !!!.

I will explain. From December to February, Cambodia (I have been working and living here for a long time) was visited by Chinese tourists, including from Hubei province, about 1.5 million people. That is, when there were practically no quarantine measures yet. A little less than the Chinese visited such neighboring countries as Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, Burma, Nepal, Bangladesh, Taiwan, India .. You understand, there are a lot of likely carriers of the KV-19. You also understand roughly what the sanitary situation is in these countries. Plus or minus - almost the same, with the exception of think India and Bangladesh, where everything is completely bad with sanitation.

Further. Cambodia is the only country that was not afraid to host the famous Westerdam ocean liner with passengers infected on board. all other countries went into denial. Everyone safely went home from Phnom Penh Airport. To date, Cambodia has 122 infected, 107 recovered, 0 deaths. The fifth day, no cases of infection are registered in the country. This is the country where today super- and mega-light quarantine, where only schools and universities are closed. Everything else works as it worked. Shopping centers, construction sites, bars, cafes and restaurants. Yes, many closed only out of fear. But the bulk of the population continues to live their own lives. No one misses anyone and does not hit with sticks and clubs. No one writes silly fines. And no one is sitting stupidly at home. No one runs around day or night and doesn’t water the streets with all the rubbish that supposedly kills the virus. Nick does not disinfect the houses and entrances of residents. THERE IS NOTHING !!!

What was in China. What they are doing now all over the world !!! Now put it all together. Multiply by the so-called super-duper contagious virus KV-19, which, in theory, should have already mowed out almost the whole country during this time. And once again I remind you! in 1.5 months, 1.5 million Chinese visited the country - potentially dangerous carriers of infection. Well, the same thing in neighboring countries for statistics. Look at the statistics and compare with those countries that I indicated a little higher in the text. You will see an approximately identical picture. Laos, Vietnam-0 deaths. Further, everything is less or less clear.

Question: what kind of virus is so terrible that it has gone so seriously through countries where there is an excellent economy, excellent cleanliness and sanitary standards. Where the garbage is sorted and not a cigarette butt on the streets. Where medicine is five goals higher than in Southeast Asia. Where more or less quarantine and measures for self-isolation are respected. DO NOT YOU TAKE ANYTHING BEFORE THE TIME ????

And finally. On my YouTube channel, and here in the FB I made an official statement and proposed to go to Wuhan to the “epidemic” center as a volunteer doctor, so to speak, when there the doctors “fell from their feet” from working with patients. I turned to Chinese friends to help come to Wuhan in the midst of an epidemic. I looked at these terrible photos of doctors and their faces scarred from masks. Well, plus, as a doctor, I was interested in seeing the disease itself and mastering the treatment methods. But what was my surprise when I was very politely but persistently refused my request !!! It was strange for me to hear an illogical refusal. why? Why, when disaster has come into the house and offering volunteer human help, they suddenly tell you that in reality, everything is not so bad and we can handle it ourselves? it was precisely at that moment that doubt crept in. Was there a boy?

Part number 2.

Honestly, I did not think that after the first publication, there will be so many comments and reviews. In the first publication, there were practically no figures for comparison, which would just brainwash at leisure for people who still doubt the controllability of the process that calls itself - CORONAVIRUS. There is no doubt that this process is manageable. Take a look. How many materials have been published, and the opinions of prominent experts, virologists, epidemiologists, doctors and professors with an unbiased opinion on current events and on the so-called “PANDEMIA” itself, which organizations such as WHO and the like want as they like. Look, with what persistence, many governments of the countries did not listen to the voice of reason and common sense. It seems that they all coordinated their actions on the same scenario at the same time. Interesting. What did these governments promise in return?

And the main thing - WHEREOF?

The truth is now some kind of enlightenment is already being observed, and countries such as Germany and Austria are beginning to understand something and go into rejection of general madness. Protests in the United States have intensified in many states. People in many countries are beginning to realize that KV19 is just a screen. There’s still some kind of world dope for oil, which suddenly became useless to anyone and, according to forecasts, in May they will even pay 100 bucks a barrel. All this resembles the beginning of the redistribution. The birth of a new world. And as you know, childbirth is a painful thing. Well, the most interesting thing that confused me was the specific selectivity of the KV-19 virus, causing an epidemic and mortality in a particular country. Of course, no one denies the virus itself and the incidence, including myself. But what happens next is a mystery. Just for thought, I quote the country pairs and data on them. Where is the logic? How does the virus work? Everyone let himself draw conclusions. So:

India and the USA. The population of India is approximately 1. billion. 300 million. USA - 335 million. India: 20,470 sick. 652 dead. USA: 852,703 sick, 47,700 dead .. (India has such a population density and unsanitary conditions that it’s even scary to compare with the USA. But as if the Chukchi comparing these two countries would say - HOWEVER !!!)

Plus, consider the proximity of India to China and the likely migration and the sanitary condition that exists in both countries.

Canada and the USA. The population of Canada is 37 million. The incidence is 40,000. There are almost 2000 deaths (I mean, like someone said that in the heat the virus develops poorly, at average temperature it is very good. Canada can help you).

Mexico. The population is 137 million. The incidence is 9.500. 857 deaths. (It looks like medicine is much cooler in Mexico than in the USA)

Pakistan. The population is 212 million. The incidence is 10.000. Mortality - 212 people. (What kind of epidemic can there be, and such morbidity and mortality per such a population ?. And how is medicine here even cooler than in Mexico !!! Everyone urgently needs to adopt treatment methods from Pakistan)

Indonesia - a population of 276 million. Incidence -7418. Mortality - 635 people (similar to Pakistan. Think about it: 276 million people with the highest density per square kilometer and such morbidity and mortality. Perhaps Indonesia’s experience should be taken into account in the treatment of CV19.)

Those. If we add the population of Indonesia and Pakistan, we get a slightly larger figure with the population of America.

Question. What is wrong with the Americans and their medicine?

Now for Mother Europe.

France and Germany. The population of France is 65 million. Germany is 81 million. The incidence of France is 120,000, the mortality rate is 21,000. Germany - incidence - 150,000. Mortality is 5000. What is wrong with the French?

Turkey and England. The population of Turkey is 85 million. England - 55 million Turkey fell ill - almost 100,000. Deaths - 2376. England. Ill - 133.000. Deaths - 18,000. What is wrong with the British?

Well and so on. You yourself can check and compare countries where the level and lifestyle are completely different. And how surprised you are, most of the rich and well-fed countries will not be able to boast that they are ahead of the rest in terms of good results, and where QUARANTINE was introduced !!! Again, I just have a question: WHAT IS THIS VIRUS SUCH, THAT, WHICH ARE POPULARILY SUCCESSFUL, AND WORKS cautiously in countries where, in theory, the KV-19 pandemic should have already covered part of the land with a population of more than 2 billion. a person and having a mortality rate of at least 1%, and this is not much, not a little, but 20 million people ..

Doesn’t it bother you yet?

No questions?

Do you really need a quarantine?

Or someone trying to crank up a global scam is not noticeable?

Or were they all put home, so that we would not look up?

Or just make extra horror stories for everyone to control?

What's happening?

And most importantly: WHO DOES IT NEED AND FAVORABLE?!”

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