Now is a unique moment to smack down the foreigners and earn to ours!

Now is a unique moment to smack down the foreigners and earn to ours!

12 April, 16:46
Сергей Васильев
Предприниматель, публицист
Buying a Russian business from foreigners is an excellent tool for currency stabilization and creating an effective economic model.

Sergey Vasilyev, entrepreneur, publicist

How to solve the problem with an excess of foreign currency, which continues to come for the export of Russian resources?

Today, this is one of the main problems that will lead to an unjustified growth of the ruble against the dollar.

Russian exporters receive a lot of currency for exports, there are few imports, and other capital operations are prohibited by the Central Bank within the framework of foreign exchange restrictions.

The Central Bank has already canceled the 12% commission for individuals when buying foreign currency, which today lowered the ruble a little, but tomorrow it will go back to strengthening. This is not the measure that will solve the problem. We still have much more export earnings.

And here the Government and the Central Bank urgently need to look for other tools, what to do with the excess currency?

And there is such a tool!

It is necessary to expedite the issuance of permits from the Government Commission for the purchase of shares and shares of foreigners in their Russian subsidiaries.

Now is a unique moment to lower the foreigners and earn ours!

If a Russian businessman with money now agrees to buy a share in a Russian company from foreigners, he will definitely agree on a low price and a big discount. Everyone understands the level of risks today and will demand a big discount from foreigners.

And if such an agreement has taken place, then you need to immediately give permission for it! Let a Russian businessman convert his rubles through the stock exchange into foreign currency and pay foreigners for their shares in worthy Russian assets.

Namely, we are talking about worthy assets, large Russian businessmen do not need others now.

And as a result, two birds with one stone will be killed. Excess foreign exchange earnings of exporters, which are now accumulating on correspondent accounts in Western banks, have been spent.

And Russian business has earned a big discount on investments, and future profits, and business efficiency - as a result.

Buying Russian business from foreigners is a powerful tool for currency stabilization at the moment and creating an effective economic model for the future.

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