Before his death, General Ratnikov spoke about the nature of the coronavirus and paranormalists in the FSO

Before his death, General Ratnikov spoke about the nature of the coronavirus and paranormalists in the FSO

Before his death, General Ratnikov spoke about the nature of the coronavirus and paranormalists in the FSO

6 January 2021, 15:21
Photo: Дмитрий Коробейников
In December last year, Major General of the FSO (Federal Guards Service) Boris Ratnikov passed away. In the early 90s, he was one of the founders of a special group of psychics and parapsychologists at the Main Directorate of the RF Security.

In 1990, he was engaged in issues of ensuring the safety of senior officials, including with the use of biotechnology.

Angelica Zaozerskaya

Boris Ratnikov* is a co-author of the books: "Beyond the Known" 1 and 2 parts; "Picture of the world as seen by the special services"; "Psi-wars of Russia and America". In early December, Boris Ratnikov stopped answering calls and emails, and a few days later it became known that he was leaving. The author of "NI" has an unpublished interview with him.

- Boris Konstantinovich, forgive me, for this curiosity - what kind of pension does the FSO (Federal Guards Service) major general receive?

- 57 thousand rubles - my pension. I am a widower, I have no special expenses. I feed my cats and also feed four "homeless people" from the basement floor. Seals are my tuning fork for a harmonious state inside. And inner harmony and balance is the high frequency of our energy, which kills all viruses and microbes.

- Do you want to say that epidemics and viruses are not scary with a high energy frequency? Then why was the physicist Nikola Tesla, who allegedly took his ideas from space by connecting to the energy field of the Universe, was like the heck of incense afraid of germs? Surely, you know that Tesla is credited with the invention of the "time machine"...

- Tesla drew information from the energy information field of the Earth - and was aware of various events. But he did not take into account that knowledge about the future is paid for by the unlived - therefore, many of his ideas were not realized. The time machine was and is. Tesla was just the first to say about her in public. With the help of our consciousness, we can be both in the past and in the future.

- Can everyone really travel in time and space?

- It is very dangerous for humans. In our Main Directorate, there was a group of operators of information channels. These are just a few trained people who connected to the energy-informational field, to the Higher mind. These are our agents. We were looking for them, trained together with General Georgy Rogozin.

- It is true that operators or agents with supernatural abilities and methods talked with Reagan, with Bush, and that you have records of these conversations? Perhaps these conversations have answers to the origins of the coronavirus? According to one version, is the coronavirus an "invention" of the US special services?

- The main ideologists of world conflicts, which include epidemics, are the leaders of the United States. In 1992, our agent - an information operator - received information from the Ambassador of the United States of America to the USSR (the last US ambassador to the USSR and the first ambassador to the Russian Federation) Mr.Robert Strauss, in which there are assumptions and about the current epidemic. Ostrich says that "the world has become small, that there will be enough fuel supplies for a small number of people" and projects are being developed that will allow determine the nominal number of people to stay on Earth. Literally, he said that this is "not a racial theory of German National Socialism, but it has rather significant calculations and limitations." According to this theory, it was necessary to “curtail the disorderly chaos of the demographics of Japan, China, Africa, Eastern Europe.

- And how was it planned to reduce the population of the planet?

- Through fear.

Already in the early 90s, the task was set to stop the process of spontaneous childbearing, the unregulated appearance of a huge number of poor people on the territories of large continents, such as Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Indochina, India and Latin America. And these processes should really be stopped at the genetic level.

In conditions of various prohibitions and fires, total fear of the present and the future, at the level of people's subconsciousness, mechanisms that affect the regulation of childbirth are turned on, which will lead to the curtailment of the process of childbirth by a natural external path. Agree, when young people cannot plan their future, being in quarantine mode every now and then, at social distances and "remote places", then creating new families and having children is not an easy task. Online, as you know, children are not born.

- Surely new technologies played a large role in this process of stopping childbirth?

- The ambassador replied to our operator that he did not go into those projects that exist in terms of the use of new technologies in order to simulate the processes of programmatic management of huge masses of people and the curtailment of development programs inherent in the subconscious of each nation. But, at the same time, these programs are quite acceptable, and they also take place in the ideology of transnational corporations.

- Could it be that at the end of the 20th century, an ambassador could "broadcast" about inhuman measures to reduce the population? Surely, for each "extra country" - its own methods?

- For some peoples, this is the legalization of drug addiction, alcoholism, for others - hunger, for others - fear for the future ... The Ambassador noted that there are peoples who do not perceive these signals of the civilized world and continue to uncontrollably eat foods that do not belong to them and use free of charge those energy resources that are in the body of the planet. Already in the 80s, special programs were developed for these peoples, including special viruses.

- What is the role of Russia in the fight against the epidemic?

- Russia more than other countries sticks out its wounds and too emotionally, in comparison with others, refers to those tragedies of spiritual, political and social life. Russia should not constantly emphasize its unique position in this world, even unique in the sense of the tragedy of its existence. Other peoples, including China, they do not shout to the whole world about their grief, but spend all their efforts to overcome these trials, to make their nation stronger, more united, and united. I repeat that Russia with the whole world goes through common trials.

- And what will happen, in your opinion, with Russia after the end of the epidemic?

- There is no unequivocal answer to this question. Of course, our department looked beyond the horizon, but what we saw there does not inspire optimism. In 2030, we did not see an integral state of Russia. In the global energy space, integral Russia is not. But the world is changing every second. I repeat that each of us creates the future world with his thoughts and frequencies. Forecasts cannot take into account the reasonable component of people, that is their thoughts. The human brain does not generate thoughts - it only accepts them. Thoughts are generated only by the human soul and by its field vibrations attracts them to the brain. We all need to cleanse our souls. Then the thoughts will be worthy, and we will save not only our country, but also the world. A short algorithm of our destiny: thought - words - actions - habits - character. This entire chain must be carefully controlled. Now is the time for the cleansing of the earth and every soul.

- And what is this Doctrine of planetary security that you and your First Department developed in the early 90s?

- No matter how paradoxical it may sound, we were warned about the Doctrine by "brothers in mind" back in the early 90s. We then wrote together with the CIA the book "Psi - Wars". The main idea of the Doctrine is that it is necessary to remember about meteor showers, about a worldwide flood, about the reckless use of nuclear energy, about viruses. The doctrine that due to cataclysms we we cannot build an armored shield around the entire planet, and each time we are faced with the fact that the Earth becomes a testing ground for a wide variety of viral colonies visiting our planet. And these are only external factors, including sometimes completely unregulated solar radiation entering the Earth.

- Let's clarify what, in your opinion, should change in each individual person in order to resist new threats?

- Selfishness has always been a very disturbing phenomenon for many people living on planet Earth. This process of profit from the epidemic is poorly controlled. This has been the case for all ages.

Each person, fighting for a piece of bread, completely forgets that it is necessary to constantly evaluate the development of all living things, biological, available on Earth. The higher mind says that a person who behaves immorally during a fateful test should be cut off from civilization. Now wise and far-sighted oligarchs, who have a connection with secret knowledge, do everything to be moral. All over the world, wealthy people donate millions and billions to fight the epidemic. They do it for a reason...

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