Dina Rubina: "Secret world conspiracies about the virus - this is from the bad detective stories"

Dina Rubina: "Secret world conspiracies about the virus - this is from the bad detective stories"

Dina Rubina: "Secret world conspiracies about the virus - this is from the bad detective stories"

9 May 2020, 16:47
One of the most popular writers - Dina Rubina, the distant ancestor of the great philosopher Benedict Spinoza. In an interview with NI, Dina Ilyinichna tries to explain the most mysterious and incredible phenomena that mankind has encountered and is encountering.

Our conversation began with the most relevant and, alas, largely inexplicable coronavirus.

- Dina Ilinichna, for sure, you thought about the nature of the coronavirus, its origin? There are many versions about the coronavirus, one of them is about the conspiracy of the Masons. What is your version of the origin of coronavirus?

- I would like to look at the authors of the version of the "Masonic conspiracy": usually such people are even externally and behaviorally of particular interest. For psychiatrists.

About the "nature" of the coronavirus. You know, I never try to think about what I obviously don’t understand and cannot understand - due to the lack of proper education. Researchers, microbiologists, biologists, clinicians should think about the nature of coronavirus. What, in fact, is happening now all over the world and in different countries in parallel. Now simultaneously in different countries are actively developing a vaccine. I hope that by the autumn something will appear rescue. As for the origin of the current pandemic, in the scientific world and in the intelligence circles of different countries - I read this - the version circulates about the leak, most likely involuntary, from the virology laboratory in China. This is possible, and perhaps the initial version is also valid. I think all this will come to light much later, when it is all over. However, China still - a closed country. It may not be clear.

- In your opinion, no Masonic Lodge that rules the world?

- I’m trying to imagine how a certain figure in a shabby velvet caftan is sneaking out of a laboratory with a test tube in his hand, sprinkling it with the contents of a carcass of bats or something else ... But Marstepanna from the third entrance also has its own version about the origin of this very one - how to sings Simon Slepakov - "fucking virus."

Hmmm ... And I thought, in my homeland (Dina Rubina lives in Israel), something has changed since the beginning of the nineties. It turns out nothing.

A striking thing: in the world, research is now underway on this new plague, articles are published, doctors are looking for treatment, scientists are looking for ways to find a vaccine ... In Russia, without fail, someone will remove the rotten effigy of the Great Mason from the closets of Okhotny Ryad. And ask them - how do they even imagine Masons? Do they know that the sun was also the Freemason of our native poetry - Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, and many of his Decembrist friends? At that time, membership in the Masonic lodge was popular and accepted among the Russian nobility. It was such a men's club with its own charter, something like a closed and expensive English club. This remained the club.

All these secret world conspiracies are from bad detectives. I’m afraid everything is much worse: I’m afraid that no one rules the “world”. Too big a mess is this same "world".

Yes, now we are all shocked by a pandemic, people in all countries are dying, doctors and nurses are dying in seemingly highly medically organized states. This is a new problem, such as recently had Ebola or SARS, only with its own characteristics and complications. And there is no vaccine from her yet. It will appear, and the situation will immediately change, despite the Masons, how it changed with tuberculosis. In the 19th century, thousands, tens of thousands of people died from tuberculosis throughout Europe and Russia. And you and I were vaccinated in childhood, and we are not afraid of tuberculosis. Like measles and smallpox - if done on time.

“Why do you think Italy (your beloved Italy) has suffered so much from the coronavirus?” Is this esoterically related to the Vatican?

- And what about the Vatican? Did he forbid wearing masks? Did malicious passes? What happened to him especially, especially in terms of the esoteric?

Regarding what happened to my - yes, my beloved - Italy, I have some assumptions, gleaned from articles by knowledgeable Italian journalists, from correspondence with friends living in northern Italy. You see, first of all, this is a Mediterranean country, like Spain, like Greece, like Israel. Social, climatic, national features of close cohabitation, the culture of courtyards and streets, hugs, kisses and the inability to sit at home. Both in Italy and in Spain (which also suffers greatly from the virus) it is customary to live on the street, walk with whole families until late at night, hug and kiss at a meeting ... And so on. But in Italy, in addition, many enterprises, especially the textile industry, belong to Chinese entrepreneurs. There are towns in the north where large Chinese communities live - labor. They live closely, dangle to their homeland and back. The virus, most likely, was introduced even when at first glance it looked like a simple cold. And who died, he died from all sorts of things. Well, and, of course, later caught on, late. Due to the huge influx of infected in the very first days, the health care system collapsed. It's like a snowball. It is important to change your mind and act quickly. Lock yourself in three locks. And they thought too long. In this sense, Israel acted harshly and quickly. But our country is small and military, mobile. Accustomed to quick fees. As soon as China opened up and recognized the pandemic, and Italy flared up, in Israel they sent a kick in the ass to the quarantine, first those who were returning from holidays in Italy, then very quickly put almost the entire population home. Here I am sitting for a long time. My mother is in the hospital ... Of course, it is economically difficult - this quarantine costs the state terrible billions, unemployment goes off the scale, people moan, schoolchildren hang out on pears ... But our mortality rate is one of the lowest among the countries affected by the pandemic.

- They say about a radical change in the world and consciousness of people after the epidemic. What do you think - what will the other world be like? Russia has spent so much effort to create a capitalist world - with hypermarkets, huge cinemas, entertainment centers, firms, offices, but it turns out that this world is under threat. Perhaps they were not building it?

- And it was necessary to build communism, dig potatoes in the second year of the institute and stand in line for a barrel of beer? Listen, what radical changes are you talking about after quarantine for three weeks? Aircraft do not fly? Are we paused? Do economies subside? Yes, for a while - absolutely. Not so long ago, the world experienced a serious economic crisis. Most likely, and this time it will take a long time to recover. But this is not a nuclear war.

Serious researchers now argue that there is a common denominator for all countries affected by the pandemic: 70 days elapse from the first to the last day of infection. Regardless of the measures taken in a particular country, the period of time in which the coronavirus develops is no more than 8-9 weeks. From the first infection to the peak - about 40 days. Immediately after this, the epidemiological curve goes down.

Yes, hard time, hard time. But mankind over the past century has survived two world wars, the power of tyrants, concentration camps, the killing and death of millions ... A lot of what we have experienced, and live on. This is what really happened to mankind over the past twenty years, is the accession of the Internet. Everything else - with all the sacrifices and stress, with all the unconditional trouble - will be straightened. A month after this whistle dance ends and a vaccine appears on the world stage, people will forget how they sat locked up and start sending out idiotic jokes to each other on completely different topics.

Of course, it will be necessary to comprehend and possibly revise some established habits and standards. Now they say that it is necessary to somehow solve the problems with air transportation ... Maybe ... But if you get vaccinated from a whole group of coronaviruses, then you will fly much more calmly. You are not afraid to get plague or cholera on the plane.

Finally, about how in vain "built capitalism" in Russia. Listen, the whole world is on fire in a pandemic, and not just Russian cinemas and hypermarkets - by the way, the most ordinary and exactly the same as in all countries, including in the communist and totalitarian. And therefore, the message is not entirely clear to me: what, perhaps, nothing had to be built, but to leave people at the level of events of the 85th year of the last century? But in Communist North Korea, people are dying too. Like in China, in Iran, in Turkey ... and in America, with its capitalism - which now generally holds a mournful palm over the victims.

Angelica Zaozerskaya

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