Posted 6 апреля 2020,, 05:40

Published 6 апреля 2020,, 05:40

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Gavrilov: "Fellini and Bergman turned over in their graves after learning about Simonyan’s fees"

Gavrilov: "Fellini and Bergman turned over in their graves after learning about Simonyan’s fees"

6 апреля 2020, 05:40
The well-known radio host, journalist and translator Andrei Gavrilov, in the broadcast of his point of view on the Silver Rain radio station, expressed indignation at the speech of “our statesmen” and called for more careful selection of words.

He also touched on the topic of tiny salaries for employees of the Novosibirsk Research Center "Vector", where tests for coronavirus are sent.

Even during the March operational meeting in the residence of the head of state in the Moscow region dedicated to the fight against coronavirus, Sergei Sobyanin uttered a “ludicrous” phrase that attracted attention and made you think about the question of whether the vocabulary is appropriate for the context.

“Before meeting with Putin, he probably watches a cartoon about Cheburashka and sings along with the heroes“ Suddenly a magician will fly in a blue helicopter. ” How can it be? Here he tells the president that a new hospital is being built: “And I invite, when we finish building this hospital, we fly by helicopter.” Are they playing Lego there? To the "Monopoly"? These are their jokes, right? Let’s continue then: “... and next to the Morgik we’ll put where the coffins will be stacked with corpses.” What kind of speech do our statesmen have? I understand: no matter what they carry, just to do it. But still, guys, eh ?! ”, the radio host was indignant.

In addition, the radio host mentioned the vacancies that the Vector Research Center posted on its website ( applications were completed on March 31 - note “NI” ).

This institution is now well-known to everyone, because it is there, in Novosibirsk, that a new coronavirus is being studied and it is there that analyzes are sent for research. The Center "Vector", recalled Gavrilov, at one time the only one developed a vaccine against ebola.

The information of the Vector Center indicates that the salary of the applicant for the position of senior researcher is from 30,000 rubles, a researcher from 14,556 rubles, a junior researcher from the bioengineering department from 15,000, a junior researcher from the zoonotic infections and flu department from 30,000, and so on.

“Do you seriously think, gentlemen, that these people - if, of course, they can, if they have the strength and do not collapse from fatigue, what often happens to doctors now - with such a salary, will they be able to figure out how to save you from coronavirus?”, - said Gavrilov.

The radio host noted that according to the latest data, the authors of the film "Crimean Bridge" received 46 million rubles. “And everything would be fine, but it was money from the budget. That is, instead of paying a decent salary to people who are fighting for our lives, for our salvation, these are the sums spent on this “greatest” work. "Bergman and Fellini, probably in a coffin, turned over from envy!"