Posted 8 апреля 2020,, 08:52

Published 8 апреля 2020,, 08:52

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Since April 8, banks began to offer interest-free loan "for salary"

Since April 8, banks began to offer interest-free loan "for salary"

8 апреля 2020, 08:52
From April 8 to October 1, Russian companies will be able to take a targeted loan for salaries to employees within the framework of the adopted state program. Banks will issue salary loans for up to one year. During the first six months the loan will be interest-free, and then the rate will increase to 4%.

The beginning of the implementation of the program developed by the government and the Central Bank is being announced by Russia-24.

The loan under the program is issued only for wages and related payments.

The maximum loan amount will be determined based on the minimum wage multiplied by the number of employees of the organization, calculated for six months. The state will take over 75% of the guarantee coverage of such loans through VEB.

The Central Bank will allocate 150 billion rubles to support the salary funds of small and medium-sized businesses in the context of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

“150 billion are the funds that will be issued as funding for commercial credit organizations, if we are talking about support from the federal budget, we are talking about 2.6 billion. This is the money that will go to a subsidy, that is, compensation interest rate, "explained Milena Arslanova, director of the Department of Investment Policy and Entrepreneurship Development of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation on the Russia-24 television channel.

According to her, based on the current budget, about 130 billion rubles can be allocated for loans, which will provide about 1.5 million employees with salaries.

According to, in the first turn of the banks that will receive money for issuing targeted loans from the Central Bank are Sberbank, VTB, MSP-Bank, Promsvyazbank, Gazprombank, Alfa-Bank and Otkritie.

At the beginning of last week, Sberbank and VTB have already begun issuing loans to small businesses for salaries at 0% per annum. Now the Ministry of Economic Development continues to additionally select banks for subsidies, which the agency allocates from the reserve fund.

It was previously reported that 29% of companies have already sent employees on unpaid leave, another 22% intend to do this in the near future, follows from the results of monitoring conducted by the Center for Strategic Research.

Salaries to employees were reduced by 21% of employers - every fifth company, another 31% said they would do it soon. 28% of respondents admitted that they were on the verge of bankruptcy. Companies lose up to 90% of their revenue and do not have the right not to pay taxes; only deferment is assumed for them. In addition, they are forced to pay rent.

The current situation threatens to blow up the labor market. Today, over 15 million people in the country — 20% of the total workforce — have remained unclaimed in large cities due to quarantine introduced there, as well as a decrease in demand for transportation.

Four million fellow citizens will lose their jobs in trade. The share of those employed in construction, logistics and services will account for one million cuts.

Recall that, in support of the president, he promised to reduce insurance premiums for small businesses from 30% to 15%, and also gave a delay for tax payments and, in some cases, for loan payments. However, according to business representatives, this will not help companies survive.