Posted 12 апреля 2020,, 09:41

Published 12 апреля 2020,, 09:41

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Fashionable social media flash mob with the pillows captures bored at quarantine

Fashionable social media flash mob with the pillows captures bored at quarantine

12 апреля 2020, 09:41
Фото: Анна Шестунова / Instagram
The viral spread (figuratively) in social networks around the world has received a fashionable initiative.

A new flash mob motivate people to take pictures with pillows, inventing different ideas with these items for sleeping and relaxing - who is much more likely to brighten up boredom in the face of the restrictive measures.

Фото: Instagram

People make something like pillows out of pillows, taking pictures alone and with children, couples, entire families, and even with their pets. Fancy photos of people with pillows that flooded social networks will be united by the hashtag #pillowchallenge, as well as #stayathome - stay at home, according to the website of the Vesti TV channel

Фото: Instagram

Thus, those on self-isolation raise their mood and others, as if creatively spending unexpectedly freed time.

However, not all web users perceive the new trend positively, speaking about the degradation that is coming in people. Some users claim that there is always something to do at home. For example, you can tidy up household chores that have accumulated at home over a long time, develop by learning, for example, languages, gaining new knowledge, reading, doing yoga ...

Finally, you can join the volunteer movement, helping people in a desperate situation, especially the elderly, who sometimes have no one to even ask for help to solve the issue of nutrition and everyday tasks that need to be addressed immediately.

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Meanwhile, some people, of course, do not just get bored at home, and sometimes they can’t relax when they get into a situation completely unusual for all generations. Someone suffers from loneliness. And someone, on the contrary, does not feel well in the conditions of being with family members in a small space, which few people are used to. On this basis, conflicts occur and the number of cases of domestic violence has even increased. Therefore, perhaps, under the prevailing conditions, any fun and flashmobs, no matter how stupid they look, is rather a positive factor, which is not even a salvation from boredom, but a protection against possible depression or even depression.

As previously reported, psychiatrists even coined the term - covidophobia - for the revealed mental disorder that occurs in people with unstable psyche amid social isolation and media reports about the rapidly spreading coronavirus around the world. At the same time, doctors have an assumption that the pandemic will someday pass, and covidophobia may remain.