Posted 13 апреля 2020,, 06:12

Published 13 апреля 2020,, 06:12

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

The WHO explained when the medical masks influence on increasing the risk of contracting coronavirus

The WHO explained when the medical masks influence on increasing the risk of contracting coronavirus

13 апреля 2020, 06:12
The risk of contracting a new coronavirus infection is increasing in the case if you use medical masks while ignoring other preventive measures, said Melita Vujnovich, the representative of the World Health Organization in Russia.

“People need to have enough masks. However, the mask does not fully protect. If you wear only a mask, and drop everything else - do not respect the distance, do not wash your hands - you will definitely get sick. The mask is not harmful itself. But it's harmful if people change their behavior. The mask should not be wet. After two hours of use you can already throw it away. Otherwise, you will become a source of infection", - Vuinovich explained on the air of the Russia-1 channel .

According to her, healthy people should wear masks, however, certain conditions must be observed. If a healthy person is not in the same room with the patient, then he does not need a mask. But if he is in the crowd, then you should take care of the presence of a mask. The expert noted that maintaining distance is still a more effective barrier to the virus.

Vujnović emphasized that there is still a shortage of these personal protective equipment. She stated that it was necessary "to provide masks to all doctors."

Recall that the head of the Ministry of Health of Russia Mikhail Murashko said that it is not necessary to wear a medical mask when leaving the street. He noted that it is permissible to wear homemade masks, which, like medical ones, inhibit the spread of the virus by airborne droplets.

South Korean doctors previously conducted a study of masks and concluded that masks cannot delay the spread of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Chinese doctors are bringing medical masks to Russia. This is a group of 10 specialists from the Chinese province of Heilunuzyan, bordering the Khabarovsk Territory. They will provide assistance to the Russian colleagues in the opposition coronavirus.