Posted 14 апреля 2020, 12:40

Published 14 апреля 2020, 12:40

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Doctors: there are no experts in the situation with COVID-19, everyone is learning from the start

14 апреля 2020, 12:40
Since the world face a disease that is not known, isn't it better to unite to fight it, instead of demonstrating your skepticism?

While many experts on social networks prove that after the epidemic the world “will no longer be the same”, some are sure that we already live in another world. The words of one of the active participants in the current events, the New York resuscitation doctor, are quoted in this regard by the analyst Andrey Nalgin on his blog :

We are facing a disease that we know nothing about. A certain amount of information was accumulated after collisions with previous SARS / MERS, but for the clinician the world changed dramatically. Before, most of what we were dealing with has been described from head to toe by numerous experts. There are protocols and algorithms..., it is clear what to do when the disease goes ad modum, and what to do when it behaves unusually. At almost every stage, there is an array of data verified by research.

There are no experts in the situation with coronavirus. We are all learning. We use what we saw before under other conditions and try to apply it to a new reality. The scientific data that we operate with appears in an incredible hurry and is not the standard of scientific research ... Studies of various aspects of critical conditions often contradict each other. And the quality of most of them is such that we can train students on their examples of how research should not be done. Hypotheses are constantly appearing, some interesting, others giving a slight insanity, but none of this is true.

Unfortunately, there will be no time for testing hypotheses, at least in the USA ... ” Nalgin calls these words “news from the front” and warns all skeptics who believe that coronavirus is no worse than ordinary flu that their hypothesis could cost hundreds of millions of lives to humanity.

Isn’t it then easier “to all of us to somehow unite in order to at least partially soften everything by stepping on the throat of our own egoism?” - the analyst asks a fair question.