Posted 14 апреля 2020, 11:59

Published 14 апреля 2020, 11:59

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Question of the day: was it necessary to cancel additional basic state examinations for the 9-graders?

14 апреля 2020, 11:59
Parents are not sure that their children will benefit from the cancellation of the additional basic state exams (BSE) for the ninth graders due to the epidemic.

One of the participants in the popular "Blog of kind Psychiatrists" commented on the news related to the relief that Russian 9th graders will receive in connection with the coronavirus epidemic:

“I saw the news about the cancellation of the additional BSE among ninth-graders this year. Well, what I want to say: they should be canceled even without taking into account the current situation. I have been observing the ninth-graders already during several years at the initial military registration, and I can say with confidence that in a number of schools up to a third of the students are not able to pass these exams in the understanding that my generation expects from them.

This happens classically - the next little kid who was just fooling around starting from the fifth grade, and into whom, with fits and starts, teachers chocked in the necessary minimum in Russian and mathematics, is not caring a dime about all the rest. By the time these kind of children choose an additional exam, they choose what they think is easier to pass - some kind of geography or social studies. In what they, accordingly, do not know anything. No, not like this - they know NOTHING. Generally - zero, I checked it many times.

They naturally fill up, spend another year at home schooling or evening school, and after a year they somehow close these additional ones. And only then they go to some vocational school, which, by mistake, is called a college. What is the point? Every year I see this crowd of second-year students who have been fooling around for a whole year instead of having long been mastering the respected profession of a locksmith. Yes, you let them go, let for the sake of God they are already going to receive a profession ... "

However, not all blog readers agreed with this assessment.

- The cancellation of the OGE on additional subjects is nonsense! Who does not want to take them, let him choose social studies and geography, and give up. We decided in September, the kindergarten in chemistry and biology was preparing all year, we spent about 70 thousand rubles on repeaters - it’s not about the money, but that the exam is a dress rehearsal for the exam, so that the miracle feels all the responsibility before the exam . He rehearsed, made a mistake, understood how to pass it, so that after two years no longer make unnecessary mistakes on the exam. And here you are, grandmother and St. George’s Day - canceled! A country of fools, her ...

- Learning without incentives does not happen. A person learns only when he makes personal efforts. Without this, no teacher can teach anything. OGE at least some additional incentive to learn something. To abolish this is to harm society .

- It’s sad that instead of pulling the children to a normal level of knowledge and the ability to solve problems, the nuts are gradually loosened, and they become more and more stupid .

Of course, there were those who liked the cancellation of the exam:

- I subscribe to every word !!! A couple of people in the class study, the rest after 8 had to be automatically transferred to the work faculty. And, by the way, they would respect the development of the profession with greater respect than the acquisition, in their opinion, of unnecessary knowledge. Mom 9th graders ...

The right position, I think, was taken by those who think so:

- Elective subjects should be left to those who go to the 10th grade, as a rehearsal of the exam. According to my observations, normally passing OGE react much more calmly to EGE stress. So I fully support: OGE by choice should also be left at will. Necessarily only Russian and mathematics.