Posted 14 апреля 2020,, 07:56

Published 14 апреля 2020,, 07:56

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The situation with the spread of coronavirus in Moscow is called paradoxical

The situation with the spread of coronavirus in Moscow is called paradoxical

14 апреля 2020, 07:56
A paradoxical situation is observed in the capital of Russia with a change in the self-isolation index and the spread of coronavirus, said the head of the Russian Medical Society, professor, doctor of medical sciences Evgeny Achkasov.

Muscovites began to observe less self-isolation, which led to a surge in the incidence of new coronavirus infection.

At the same time, the doctor points out, at the beginning the citizens followed the recommendations and showed solidarity and discipline in the matter of measures to combat the spread of coronavirus.

"The self-isolation index in Moscow was 4.0 and 4.2-4.3. During the last week it has been clearly declining”, - Achkasov said on the air of the Russia-1 channel.

He specified that the decrease in the index is inversely proportional to the number of cases. And as a result, the number of deaths from coronavirus is also increasing.

“This is generally a paradoxical situation,” the professor stated.

Perhaps the paradox also lies in the fact that the townspeople manage to be less disciplined in conditions of tightening the regime of self-isolation - we recall that the city authorities are fined for leaving the house if there was no good reason (going to the store or pharmacy, walking the dog no further 100 meters from home or the need to throw out trash). In addition, a pass mode was introduced in Moscow - such a document will be required for drivers of personal and official cars, as well as those traveling around the city by public transport. Also in the capital, it was forbidden for children under 14 to appear on the street unaccompanied by parents.

Earlier, the director of the HSE Institute for Health Economics of Health, Larisa Popovich, pointed out that the situation with the spread of the disease in Russia no longer develops according to an optimistic scenario.

“The social measures of distance and limitations worked quite well, and we really started on a slightly more positive dynamics from the 26th, but recently, unfortunately, it has not gone along an optimistic path,” Popovich said.

She noted that in the country it took 12 days to increase the number of people infected with coronavirus from a thousand to ten thousand.

To date, 11 513 coronavirus infections have been recorded in Moscow. 82 patients died. Recovered - 837.