Posted 15 апреля 2020,, 09:50

Published 15 апреля 2020,, 09:50

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Survey: already 12% of Muscovites lost their work because of the coronavirus pandemic

Survey: already 12% of Muscovites lost their work because of the coronavirus pandemic

15 апреля 2020, 09:50
12% of Muscovites found themselves unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most of them are people aged 45-50 years. 39% of residents of the capital have significantly reduced their income. Almost half of them are between 35 and 44. Almost a third of Muscovites temporarily do not work.

These are the results of a survey conducted by the Romir research holding.

The survey results also showed that almost a third of Muscovites are temporarily out of work, and another 30% of respondents switched to part-time work.

“It’s obvious that in addition to medical threats, the coronavirus pandemic also brings serious social changes. People are losing income, jobs, anxiety and uncertainty in the future are growing in society. Without a doubt, the pandemic will pass the acute phase, but our elites will have to deal with the social consequences seriously and for a long time, "says the president of Romir, doctor of sociological sciences Andrei Milekhin.

Earlier, the head of the Accounts Chamber and former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin shared his predictions about the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic on the Russian economy. In his opinion, unemployment will grow three times, and the Russian budget this year may require an additional four trillion rubles.

According to the forecast of the Chamber of Commerce, due to the economic consequences of the coronavirus, up to three million small enterprises may go bankrupt, 8.6 million people will be at risk of job loss, which is 11.8% of the total employed population of Russia. Moreover, estimates based on official statistics do not take into account citizens working informally, i.e. a real blow to the population will be even more disastrous. If according to the data for the third quarter of 2019 in Russia there were 17.6 million people below the poverty line, then as a result of a large-scale jump in unemployment, this value can double. Then the country will be on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe.

Moreover, even before the introduction of working holidays in connection with the coronavirus, a survey conducted by IC Rosgosstrakh Life and Otkritie Bank from February 26 to March 3 of this year showed that more than 60% of Russians do not have significant savings. It was reported that according to average indicators, in case of loss of work, Russians will be able to live on their savings for only two months.