Posted 17 апреля 2020, 07:42

Published 17 апреля 2020, 07:42

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Comfort at 6.5%: Vladimir Putin offered a preferential mortgage program

17 апреля 2020, 07:42
Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed to launch a special preferential mortgage program with a 6.5% rate on the purchase of the comfort-class housing.

According to the president, the Russians need to be given an additional opportunity to improve their living conditions with the help of the state.

The program assumes that the cost of housing should not exceed three million rubles in the regions and eight million rubles in Moscow and St. Petersburg. This was stated by Vladimir Putin at a meeting on the situation in the construction industry.

The cost of borrowed funds above 6.5% will be subsidized by the state. You can apply for a mortgage loan until November 1, 2020.

According to preliminary estimates, about 6 billion rubles will be spent on the implementation of the program announced by the president. The program was supported by Sberbank and VTB.

The program will not have a lasting effect, said expert Sergey Gordeyko. According to this, this initiative repeats the program for subsidizing mortgage rates 2015-2016, which then "literally pulled the market." But now, according to RIA Novosti, the opinion of a specialist, there are much fewer citizens in the country who have funds for a down payment.

- For those citizens who have already thought about acquiring new buildings, this will be a good offer, and as soon as the program works, there will be a brilliant result for one quarter. That is, there will be a certain surge, but not a long one, ”Gordeyko is sure.

It should be noted that the state will also subsidize interest rates on loans under project financing for developers who will retain employment and complete all facilities. The authorities will allocate 12 billion rubles for this.

50 billion rubles. all unfinished housing will be redeemed from developers. The funds for this in the form of state guarantees will be taught by Dom.RF, which will attract funds from commercial banks for the purchase of real estate. These apartments will be available to participants of various social programs and waiting lists.

Recall that even before the coronavirus pandemic, the construction industry felt a crisis . In April, the volume of work on the construction of multi-unit housing fell below 100 million square meters. m, decreasing by almost 15% for six months.

As for the mortgage, the demand for this type of lending increased by almost a third in March. According to analysts, this is due to the fact that citizens are afraid of the growth prospects of mortgage rates in connection with the fall of the ruble.