Posted 23 апреля 2020,, 15:24

Published 23 апреля 2020,, 15:24

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Evgeny Chichvarkin explained  how to get out of economic collapse quickly

Evgeny Chichvarkin explained how to get out of economic collapse quickly

23 апреля 2020, 15:24
Entrepreneur Yevgeny Chichvarkin on Dozhd’s YouTube channel admitted that he misses Russia twice a day and fantasizes about what actions he would take if he would be right now, “when the country is in ruins and corruption”, would be at the top of Russian power.

“Often I hear in my address, that you are sitting there, behind a hillock, and only criticize. But I have a very clear idea that I would answer the question of what exactly should be done in Russia right now.

I would have acted like that. First of all, it is necessary to make sure that people do not worry about what they will eat.

It is necessary to open the borders for all food from all over the south. From Belarus, Ukraine, Central Asia ... From all over the former Soviet Union.

It is necessary to bang the food basket so that it falls three times in price. Anyone can carry food and sell. Immediately, there will be a huge number of products that will be very cheap.

It is necessary to allow the market to be a market. Networks will cope with all this, agree.

Returned meat, which costs one dollar per kilogram. Everyone will be surprised how much vegetables and fruits actually cost. Something that costs just a penny will come back. And then most people will not have problems with food.

The same thing must be done with clothes and spare parts. With regard to medical equipment, it is necessary to introduce parallel imports, introduce generics. Certificates do not certify.

At customs, it is necessary to abolish VAT, include a 10% sales tax on everything except food. And there is nothing to lose already. Food at this time should be tax-free. For how much I sold - so much yours.

And, of course, immediately, on the same day, you need to uninstall special services from business and from life in general.

All these FSBs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and whoever they are, all of them must be uninstalled from economic and social life.

New special services will appear, others in which the person who has ever been an employee of these bodies will not be able to work.

It is also necessary to carry out lustration of all authorities. To never again be able to hold any positions anywhere. They are all thieves and corrupt, and we all know that.

These people will not be lost, no. They can get a job as drivers, they can work on a crane. There, between Yakutsk and Magadan it is necessary to build more than 2,000 km of the road. Strong male hands and will are needed. Salary, by the way, will be good.

Our country is not ready for a lockdown. The same little bottle is probably worth spending on ventilators, buy from the Chinese those that have been freed from them. We need to expand military hospitals and at the same time see how prepared we are for a chemical war. I suspect that is not very.

It is necessary to treat as much as you can cure, and completely open everything and restore economic life.

It is necessary to get out of all agreements with these OPECs and others. Let Adam Smith rule further. In reality, they still will not go anywhere. At some point, they will still have to raise prices. In price wars, you need to go all the way. I did it and I know.

You need to understand that the economy should be based on the personal initiative of citizens. And Russian citizens are absolutely ready for this.

Small, medium and other enterprises, no matter which, should be placed in plus or minus the same conditions. The same taxation should apply to them. There should be the same law enforcement to all legal entities.

Sales tax - clear. And then only five or six small taxes should remain. They should be clearly described, have advanced interpretations. And as soon as someone goes beyond the interpretation - immediately to prison.

All wars must be stopped immediately. To take a map of Russia and everything that is marked with our color - these are the borders to leave, and everything else - to give. In the territory that we have, it is necessary to restore order. Roads to build.

This will be the next step when the business cycle starts. This crisis is a sharp, V-shaped, X number of months. But not for years. There will be nothing lingering. It's just such a dive, very unpleasant. But a fairly quick recovery will follow ”