Posted 24 апреля 2020,, 14:51

Published 24 апреля 2020,, 14:51

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A patient with COVID-19: "The stucco is crumbling in the wards, the cockroaches are crawling, there isn’t even a water..."

A patient with COVID-19: "The stucco is crumbling in the wards, the cockroaches are crawling, there isn’t even a water..."

24 апреля 2020, 14:51
Patients in a hospital near Moscow, under the injured by the epidemic of coronavirus, complain of monstrous conditions.

A blogger Dmitry Volov wrote a message for his readers:

"Hello everyone. The day before yesterday I was hospitalized with suspicion of Covid in a branch of the Balashikha regional hospital (BOB-3).

They brought in an ambulance after a CT scan, which showed a high risk of moderate severity of Covid-19 with 60-65% damage to both lungs. The ambulance had to wait almost 5 hours on a bench in the corridor of the clinic.

Arriving at the hospital, I waited an hour in the emergency room, then there was a very brief and dry survey and I was quickly taken to the ward, ignoring all questions about treatment. What I saw in the room and on the floor was simply indescribable.

Firstly, there were only two nurses in our entire wing with 7 wards, 5 people each. They put droppers, gave injections, helped as nurses, tried their best, working for wear and tear with virtually no protective equipment. No one had respirators, just ordinary fabric and gauze homemade masks. According to information from one of the nurses, many of the staff are already sick.

The conditions in BOB-3 are as far from Kommunarka. There is no access to normal drinking water, there is troubled water from the tap, and people with pneumonia and suspected Kovid suffer from thirst for days and beg the nurses to pour them boiled water, but they don’t have enough water or time to do it. Many also cannot drink some of their medicines.

Many patients have no appetite, they just lie and starve. There is no glucose.

Stucco is pouring in the chambers, cockroaches crawling at night (I threw them off myself three times a night), torn bedding, decrepit skinny mattresses that are impossible to sleep on are thrown onto iron beds, after which the whole body is terribly sore. I could not sleep. The chambers themselves did not wash, it seems, about 10 years.

Patients are brought into them from the street right in street clothes, there is no division into dirty and clean areas, patients walk freely and without masks along a common corridor.

There was no soap in the hospital, there was no toilet paper, and in order to call a nurse I had to yell all the way down the corridor. There are no call buttons.

Even ordinary thermometers are not enough. There were five in seven wards.

In general, this is a very powerful shock content after bravura reports on the work of Kommunarka. Obviously, BOB-3 is not ready for either Covid-19 or any other disease.

It’s a pity that Putin will never come to her and none of his friends will fall. This is an ordinary hospital for ordinary people.

I lay there for less than a day. Yesterday, after dinner, several dozen people, including me, were suddenly forced to pack things without any explanation and transferred to the Balashikha maternity hospital, converted into an infectious diseases hospital. Now I’m lying here. ”


However, this bad story has a very good continuation. Already in the next post Volkov writes:

“I never thought that I would be in the hospital ...

But I must admit that the Balashikha maternity hospital is very different from the third branch of the regional hospital for the better.

The process of receiving patients was organized quite chaotically and slowly yesterday, people really fainted in line. However, with regard to living conditions, food and accommodation, no complaints. Here, clean, bright rooms, delicious diet food (I ate normally the first time since Friday), wet cleaning twice a day. All hygiene products are.

All personnel from nurses to nurses and doctors are dressed in suits of full protection (finally!). It is a pity that we have few such places. Most of the messages from the field are similar to what I saw in BOB-3.

Local doctors are retrained employees of the hospital itself. Young, very polite and courteous, but it seems to me that they are not very experienced and have little understanding in the treatment of pneumonia. For themselves, this is a stressful situation and the normal treatment process has not yet been organized. So far, it has not been possible to meet with more experienced specialists.

From treatment: in the morning 1 injection of ceftriaxone. And, it seems, everyone did it in a row on our floor.

They took a blood test again, put a catheter (from the fourth attempt), check the saturation (so far normal) and pressure (also normal).

I’m lying on my stomach, clearing my throat. Talking for longer than a couple of minutes or moving quickly is difficult, shortness of breath appears. The test results for Covid, which were taken on Tuesday at the clinic and yesterday in the regional hospital are still not there. Let it be for now..."

The truth remains behind the scenes, but what did the medical officials do with the other patients of the Balashikha Oblast Hospital No. 3?