Posted 26 апреля 2020, 09:18

Published 26 апреля 2020, 09:18

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DPRK media report on Kim Jong-un’s “active work,” whilst he is considered dead

26 апреля 2020, 09:18
Фото: AFP
Against the backdrop of world media reports about the illness or even death of the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, the DPRK state radio spread the message that the head of the republic is engaged in vigorous activity.

This was reported by the South Korean agency Yonhap, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The information about the illness of the North Korean leader, the head of the Korean Friendship Association, diplomat Alejandro Kao de Benos, previously called "false and malicious."

The Central Telegraph Agency of Korea also reported that the DPRK leader received a congratulatory telegram from the head of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov, which was sent on the occasion of the anniversary of the summit of the leaders of Russia and the DPRK in Vladivostok on April 25, 2019.

According to TASS with reference to the material published on Sunday by the central newspaper of the DPRK Nodon Sinmun, Kim Jong-un thanked the workers of the largest construction projects in recent years in the city of Samzhiyeon.

On the eve of Reuters reported that a delegation of doctors and members of the Chinese government went to the DPRK on April 23. This visit took place against the backdrop of many reports of world media about the deteriorating health of the leader of North Korea after a serious heart operation.

The New York Post, citing Hong Kong media, said on the eve that Kim Jong-un died after heart surgery. China, the United States and Russia deny reports of the death of the head of the DPRK.

On April 11, Kim Jong-un attended an official meeting. Since then, he has not appeared in public and there was no official information about him.