Posted 28 апреля 2020,, 09:52

Published 28 апреля 2020,, 09:52

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Proctologist as a pulmonologist: doctors oppose the re-profiling of the clinics

Proctologist as a pulmonologist: doctors oppose the re-profiling of the clinics

28 апреля 2020, 09:52
In doctors' opinion, the Russian regions are in a danger, but not because of the coronavirus, but because of other diseases that there is no one to treat.

The doctor from Novy Oskol Andrey Zakharov, like many of his colleagues across the country, was outraged by the reprofiling of the hospitals in connection with the pandemic:

“What is genocide? This is a reprofiling of all hospitals, including cancer ones, under the pretext of coronovirus infection, into infectious hospitals. This is the abolition of all planned hospitalizations and operations, including oncological and cardiovascular diseases. This is a redistribution of emergency care to hospitals that are more distant from the patient and, as a result, an increase in the time for emergency care and, excuse me, this is an obligation for doctors of all specialties to reassign to pulmonologists and infectious disease specialists.

Can you imagine that a traumatologist, or gynecologist, or I, a proctologist and endoscopist, with experience of more than 10-15 years, carry out auscultation of the lungs or heart? Yes, we'll do it! But what will we hear there if we did not address these issues from the end of the internship (residency)? No, we are not afraid to work in cobbled blocks, we are afraid to work outside our profile, to cause irreparable harm to people.

I will not say anything about the financial situation of the majority of the population caused by self-isolation. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, this is not so noticeable, but in the provinces, a catastrophe is brewing. And this disaster will not be due to coronavirus, it will be due to untreated other diseases, and, of course, for economic reasons. This is how it is and will be, without the pathos of photographs of colleagues of ultrasound diagnosticians, neurologists and others, in respirators and overalls. That's all I wanted to say.

PS Please do not consider me a COVID dissident. There is a serious threat, but the measures taken are firing cannons at sparrows ... "

Many readers of Zakharov agreed with him:

- In one of the Moscow hospitals, pathologists are forced to stand on duty (at least the colleagues who work there told me so) in the hospital, due to the lack of personnel ...

You are absolutely right.” A friend with acute pancreatitis was left at home. Lies, writhes .. Apparently, we will attach ourselves for money.

- In the mother, uric acid is higher than six hundred and thrombocytosis 570 with anemia and anisocytosis. I cannot organize consultations in the city either within the framework of the compulsory medical insurance, or for a fee: private specialists have disappeared due to the ban on combining, budget beds of the necessary profile have been redesigned into covert ones.

- I agree completely. Now our hospital is also an infectious diseases hospital for treating pneumonia. And patients with occupational pathology, among whom were very in need of current treatment, were kicked out to cope with their own problems.