Posted 28 апреля 2020,, 22:02

Published 28 апреля 2020,, 22:02

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

300 million rubles were drowned in the mud: how the roads are being repaired in Udmurtia

300 million rubles were drowned in the mud: how the roads are being repaired in Udmurtia

28 апреля 2020, 22:02
On two roads repaired last year of Glazovsky district in Udmurtia it is possible to drive only on a caterpillar tractor.

Meanwhile, the repair of both roads cost the budget almost 300 million rubles, reports Udm-info.

Last year, Udmurtia was glorified throughout the country by the village of Zhuvam, whose inhabitants joyfully, with harmony and dancing, celebrated the opening of a new road, which was practically indistinguishable from the old road. Money for the “repair” of the road in Zhuvam was raised under the “proactive budgeting” project: not only the budgets, but also the residents themselves, who were happy because the dirt on the road was not knee-deep, but ankle-deep.

We can say that the Zhuvamites were still lucky, but the residents of the Glazovsky district were unlucky, where one of the “flagships” of the Udmurtia road industry - DP Izhevskoye JSC (according to the SPARK-Interfax information system, wholly owned by regional authorities) was repaired last year highway Pudvai - Showa.

The contract for the repair of this road was concluded with JSC DP Izhevskoye last spring. Previously, another contractor repaired this road, but the customers were not satisfied with the quality of its work. And they called for help from the “flagship”, to whom 205 million rubles were paid to repair the Pudvai-Syova road.

Apparently, the customers were satisfied with the result, if they accepted this work from JSC “DP“ Izhevskoye ”. You can’t say the same about residents, according to whom an ambulance car overcomes a 50-kilometer road in about 3.5 hours. Seven hours was required by an ambulance in the spring of this year to come to a patient with a heart attack and return back.

“At the same time, doctors in Pudva are transferred to KamAZ, which is further pulled by the K-700 Kirovets along the road that was repaired in 2019, and then a caterpillar tractor,” the Glazov public of the Glazovsky district quoted the public on VKontakte.

The video shows very clearly the condition of the Pudvai-Syowa road. It is not visible on it only those 205 million rubles that the budget paid JSC "DP" Izhevsk "for repairs.

There is one more same road in Glazovsky district - Dondykar - Chazhay . Not every owner of even a good SUV will risk driving along it, recently repaired.

They repaired the Dondykar - Chazhay road in 2019 too. The budget was paid all the same by JSC "Izhevsk Subsidiary", this time - 89.824 million.

“It is to what extent you need to hate the people for whom you do it, and not respect your work? They often say: they pay as we work. As I understand it, the road workers were beaten here from morning to evening, ”says local resident Alexander Sedov.

According to him, letters with claims to the quality of repair of the Dondykar-Chazhay road were written to the head of the Glazovsky district, the leaders of road enterprises and personally to the head of the republic. The answers, apparently, are still somewhere along the way.

Two roads of the Glazovsky district, Pudvai - Sёva and Dondykar - Chazhai, as well as the road in Zhuvam, have already entered the "gold fund" of the Udmurt road workers. It is hoped that they will be visited by the curator of the republic’s road industry this year, Prime Minister Yaroslav Semenov. Who knows, maybe with its help it will be possible to find traces of tens of millions of budget rubles invested in these roads.