Posted 28 апреля 2020,, 21:48

Published 28 апреля 2020,, 21:48

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Dmitry Potapenko: “We face the First digital World War now”

Dmitry Potapenko: “We face the First digital World War now”

28 апреля 2020, 21:48
On the YouTube channel "Spets" the economist, managing partner of Management Development Group Inc, a radio host Dmitry Potapenko stated: the Orwell concentration camp has already appeared, and the population is voluntarily submitting the new order.

“In the framework of the Nuremberg trials, the assignment of anonymized numbers to a living person was recognized as one of the crimes. This is a historical fact. Dot.

Take a close look at all of our QR codes, study the materials of the Nuremberg Trials and attach them to your applications.

Rulers always prepare for the past war. Build up weapons, tanks, missiles, that's all ...

But all that is happening now in Russia and around the world, in fact, can be called the First Digital World War. She is not like those that were before.

The digital war began for a prosaic reason - the control systems that our rulers formed did not withstand the internal stress.

When they tell me about a world conspiracy, beneficiaries, and so on, I always answer that, in fact, this is an institutional crisis. It was he who led to the First Digital World War.

Before, wars were organized physically when other nations were destroyed, crusades were carried out to get rid of internal tension, destroying another nation, or, including its own. Because in this way niches were freed. This is the liberation of niches.

Our first tension - private money - did not appear at all today. A very important question is “the state, but who are you?” - matured a long time ago.

So this “First Digital” has been going on for at least three years.

In no country, unlike the Russian Federation, anonymous numbers are not used. The Nuremberg trials in the world know, remember. Therefore, in no country where there is at least some kind of election system, not a single politician will apply it.

But in Russia there are no and will not be elections. On the contrary, we have passed bills that speak of a special regime, which implies, among other things, the use of chips.

We now have the so-called "active citizens." Previously, they simply lay on the couch, but now they are fighters for the purity of the country. Now they are "in rank."

They call the cops when someone does a run, when mommy walks with a baby in a stroller, when old people walk ...

Therefore, I suggest that the authorities, in order to finally finish this whole sur, from each fine written to the malicious violators, pay the one who called. And then we will wake up simply in an ideal country!

The Orwell concentration camp has already arrived. Anonymity has already come.

Many years ago I talked about the approach of a military junta. And so the military junta took effect. But no tanks need to be entered. We ourselves obeyed.

No need to try to find analogies in the past. We must look to the future, to the whole system, and not to its weights.

Since the junta has already arrived, a clash of security forces will begin, who will try to eat themselves more of all these QR codes and slaves.

Returning to Nuremberg - we got a brand. But how will everything develop further? And so: “Dmitry, you can get government services much faster - without any cards and a mobile phone, if a chip is sewn under your skin.

This will make it easier to withdraw money and receive medical services. They promise a bunch of different goodies, so that the population, so to speak, "in a single rush" ... See how great it is!

But chips, by the way, are all the same costs. So it can be made even more convenient: through retinal identification. Imagine, then after all, homeless people will stop appearing in your doorway, and how convenient it will be at work, at the bank ...

See how quickly I outlined to you a digital gulag, where everything will be exclusively for your benefit!

The only thing is that everything always happens in our own way. And we are always saved by our sloppiness, including among the authorities. As in a an anecdote about the Russian hell: "either they didn’t bring the shit, or there are no buckets"