Posted 28 апреля 2020,, 21:24

Published 28 апреля 2020,, 21:24

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Vladimir Putin extended the non-working period until May 11

Vladimir Putin extended the non-working period until May 11

28 апреля 2020, 21:24
Фото: Россия24
During a meeting on countering the spread of the coronavirus in Russia, president Vladimir Putin announced the extension of the isolation regime. Days from May 6 to 8 were also declared non-working with the salary preservation for the employees.

In fact, the special regime due to the coronavirus pandemic has been extended until May 11.

“Ahead is a series of May holidays, and between them are working days on the sixth, seventh and eighth of May. We know that in a normal situation, many would not work. They took time off, vacations. And now I can’t take any risks. Therefore, I think it’s right declare these three days non-working with wage retention, " RIA Novosti quoted the words of Vladimir Putin .

As for the date of the lifting of restrictions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, this, according to Vladimir Putin, does not happen immediately and not everywhere, since the epidemiological situation is very different from region to region and, moreover, changes every day. The president also noted that even when the peak of the coronavirus epidemic is over, in some regions of Russia the situation may remain tense for a long time. The degree of severity or easing of restrictive measures in each particular region is at the discretion of the governors. However, the peak incidence of coronavirus in Russia, according to Vladimir Putin, has not yet been passed.

The head of state also thanked the doctors for the selfless fight against coronavirus and proposed declaring April 28 as an ambulance worker, as doctors had previously unofficially celebrated the holiday that day. Vladimir Putin also instructed the government to develop a new package of urgent measures to support the economy and citizens in a pandemic. "I ask the government, together with the regions and business, to start preparing for the future a large-scale, national action plan to normalize business life, to restore employment, incomes and economic growth," he said, adding that "unprecedented resources" have been allocated to support the economy and the population, and governors bear "personal responsibility" for this.

The epidemiological situation with coronavirus, meanwhile, remains tense in Russia. Over the past day, about 6.4 thousand people fell ill with this infection throughout the country , more than 93.5 thousand people are already infected. At the same time, the increase in the incidence rate is faster than in most other countries - today Russia has overtaken Iran in terms of the number of infected people, having already reached eighth place in the world, although it was in tenth place two days ago. Almost half - 48.4 thousand infected in Russia are concentrated in Moscow, for the entire pandemic in Russia, 867 people died from coronavirus.