Posted 30 апреля 2020, 12:06

Published 30 апреля 2020, 12:06

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Supreme court: Russians with a mortgage can take advantage of credit holidays twice

30 апреля 2020, 12:06
Russians can get a loan vacation on a mortgage twice. The first time you can defer payments under the basic law on mortgage vacations, which is valid in the Russian Federation. The second time you can get a deferral of payments under the new law, which was adopted to support the Russians who lost their income.

It is noted that under the new law a deferment is granted for six months, provided that the borrower has lost a third of his income. The law was adopted in April this year to support the population during the period of self-isolation. To take advantage of the holidays, the amount of a consumer loan should not exceed 250 thousand rubles, a car loan - 600 thousand rubles, mortgages in Moscow - 4.5 million rubles, in the Moscow region and in St. Petersburg - 3 million rubles, in the regions - 2 million. Deferral under the Mortgage Vacation Act is also granted for six months from 2019. According to it, the loan amount should not exceed 15 million rubles, and the Russian housing should be the only one. By law, credit holidays are provided to temporarily unemployed, disabled or those who are temporarily declared disabled. To obtain a deferral of payments, the borrower must lose at least a third of income, and the amount of payments on the mortgage exceed 50% of its current income. The Supreme Court explained that mortgage credit holidays can be provided to the same borrower twice: first one, then the second law. The application of both laws at the same time is not allowed. Credit holidays on consumer loans begin to operate 14 days before the date of application to the bank, on a mortgage - not earlier than a month.

The Supreme Court also noted that the courts in the regions are not entitled to fine residents for late payments on loans if the delay was not their fault.

Earlier, until the end of September, the Central Bank forbade banks to forcibly evict debtors from apartments for which mortgage payments were overdue. Banks were also advised not to meet with debtors who have arrears in arrears until the end of the self-isolation regime. The regime of self-isolation in Russia was extended until the end of the May holidays.