Posted 1 мая 2020,, 15:23

Published 1 мая 2020,, 15:23

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Ministry of Health explained Russians how not to go insane during the self-isolation

Ministry of Health explained Russians how not to go insane during the self-isolation

1 мая 2020, 15:23
The Ministry of Health issued the recommendations for Russians on how to overcome psychological fatigue and not go crazy during the self-isolation.

First of all, doctors advise to establish good relations with relatives, with whom they remained locked up. In order to do this, each member of the family is recommended to draw up the personal daily routine. A similar list is made for each family member. Then, at the family council, discuss these schedules with relatives and go to the general daily routine.

The Ministry of Health recommends taking offense at other family members for no more than 10 minutes. Then forgive the offender. After the quarrel has subsided, ask yourself if you were right about everything. If you get a negative answer, you should apologize to the offended.

According to the Ministry of Health, compliance with these rules will not violate the personal boundaries of relatives and maintain a positive attitude at home.

If the Russians are unable to cope with their anger, they can turn to the 24-hour psychological support hotline.

Earlier, the chief narcologist of the Ministry of Health noted that the Russians began to use less drugs on self-isolation and also drink less to delirium tremens. The number of daily admission to drug addiction clinics in the country decreased four times during this period.

However, Russia recorded an unprecedented demand for alcohol, which exceeded even traditionally high sales before the New Year. It got to the point that in several regions the authorities were forced to introduce a “dry law” or limit the time for the sale of alcohol. Experts explained that in this way, Russians first noted self-isolation, and then “flood” grief from financial losses.