Posted 1 мая 2020,, 09:30

Published 1 мая 2020,, 09:30

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The Ministry of Education gave the recommendations to complete the school year for graduates by June 5

The Ministry of Education gave the recommendations to complete the school year for graduates by June 5

1 мая 2020, 09:30
The Russian Ministry of Education recommended that regions finish their studies in the ninth and eleventh grades by June 5, and tenths by May 30. The remaining classes are recommended to finish the school year on May 15-16. Extracurricular activities should be supported by May 25th.

The Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov announced these dates during a meeting with the heads of regional educational authorities. The completion dates are arranged in such a way as to preserve a full summer vacation for students.

As for distance learning, which Russian schools switched to in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, it cannot replace live communication, the minister said. He emphasized that the department sees the need to restore a single educational space. Along with this, Kravtsov promised that the ministry, following the results of diagnostics at the beginning of the next academic year, will support students in filling knowledge gaps.

It should be noted that the final grading acceptance centers in the ninth grades will be organized on the basis of the same schools in which the dealers studied. However, this will not affect the exam. The main period for ninth graders will be July 8-31. Executive authorities in the regions can independently determine the main and reserve dates for examinations in the Russian language and mathematics during this period. OGE The main state elective exam will be canceled this year.

Earlier, Kravtsov said that the ministry is considering the possibility of canceling CSEs for students in the ninth grade. Instead, it was proposed to conduct certification on the final grades.

- The issue of conducting final certification in ninth grades based on final grades is being discussed. While there is no final decision, I think that in the near future we will formulate this decision, discuss it again with teachers, with the regions and make a final decision, ”he said Interfax words of the head of department.

At the same time, Kravtsov noted that it is completely impossible to cancel the exam.

Recall that an open letter appeared on the Internet addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which outlined the requirements for stopping digitalization in Russia. The authors of the appeal demand "to stop the crime called" Digital Distance Learning ".

Kravtsov himself had previously admitted that the country was not ready for school "distance". And the work of the platforms left much to be desired, and not all students at home have computers.