Posted 1 мая 2020,, 14:08

Published 1 мая 2020,, 14:08

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TV predicted a great barbecue revolution

TV predicted a great barbecue revolution

1 мая 2020, 14:08
Coronavirus continues its triumphant progress in the country, and, as it is believed, our strategic goal is to reach a certain “plateau” in this process, then everything will be fine. Although the "plateau" is just the maximum number of patients and good on that plateau is clearly not enough.

Sergey Mitrofanov

Nevertheless, the talk is mainly about the upcoming abolition of the quarantine regime, since not the least role is played by the unfolding "clusters of anger" about isolation.

According to a Levada Center poll, 48 percent of Russians for some reason do not approve of quarantine measures. Moreover, experts noted that under the ashes of obedience to the quarantine a volcano of a real “shish kebab revolution” is ripening. It turns out that the Russians in this difficult season bought something ten times more skewers than in the last non-coronavirus year, and are going to jointly and severally oppose "self-isolation." It comes to mind that the government was clearly blundered, that it did not prohibit skewers or prescribed mandatory paid registration at a special registration center. Like, for example, the same smartphones . Which is undoubtedly super-relevant in a pandemic.

Public sentiments of this kind, as well as the repressive trends of the bureaucratic system, forced the president to the next message, in which he articulated anti-Medvedev political philosophy. Remember, Dmitry Medvedev, as president, was noted by the epoch-making statement that freedom is better than unfreedom . Putin and his era overturned this thesis. According to Putin, lack of freedom is better than freedom. Rather, discipline and public safety are better than freedom . Therefore, let’s take some time with the kebabs — such is the meaning of the message.

However, the president’s message was not limited to this either. It also contained a meaningful detailed retelling of Jack London’s work “The Law of Life”, which makes it easy to recognize a signal sent to society.

The question is why the president did not turn to examples from Russian literature. Is it only because “the old woman was hacked with an ax” and “a certain married lady, unable to withstand family isolation, threw herself under the train” - are not suitable for this situation?

Or is it because our president wanted to show that he is a secret Westerner, an Americanist, does he call Trump every day and read Jack London for the night?

There, in this story, this is what it is about. Jack London describes a tribe of wild people in a local economic crisis. This is when a crocodile is not caught and coconut does not grow. And there is such a custom in this tribe: when the old people cease to benefit the tribe, they are, as it were, "sent to retire."

That is, having wished all the best, they give a little food to them, they leave it at the dying bonfire. Where those wolves soon eat. This, in London, is called the "law of life." Moreover, Jack London does not hide that the old man is also not so very humanist before that. He was young - he did the same. I cut some white.

But, talking about this, Putin, of course, said that we, the Russians, would go the other way. Although the story, especially in his mouth, made me think about different options. Moreover, the state aid to pensioners is also not too great. A little brushwood before the arrival of the wolves, speaking metaphorically.

About the new normality and ethics of Sergei Markov

A large block of television information is dedicated to the “new normality”, which is everywhere forming on the planet. The virus for a long time, if not forever, when the vaccine is yet to be invented, if it is invented, and we must somehow get used to acting in light of this fact. And so the planes, indeed, resumed flights, as before, but now passengers are given special space suits - so far only on Chinese flights.

The initiative is interesting. It can be assumed that dinners are canceled, because you can not break the isolation and open your mouth for food. Sitting chock in a white suit.

They also introduce fines for oillessness. In Germany, a fine slipper, they say, reaches 5,000 euros - this is very much on the inside of Russian TV. That would be the same for us ! Conversations also went on with a mandatory immune passport - instead of exit visas, it will now be necessary to get sick with a coronavirus, and even confirm this.

A big supporter of quarantine rigidity is Sergey Markov, usually characterized by a sincere expression of his feelings. For “new normality” he has “new frankness”.

Markov asked himself: why are we still allowed into grocery stores without masks and gloves? Can introduce this rule: no mask, so go for a walk! Breathe in the air! Why do you even go shopping? You, what fat reserves, you can tolerate for a week or two, lose weight. (Although I personally think that those Russians who are short of food today are unlikely to be able to spend their meager financial resources on masks and gloves. Moreover, did they bring them in? Well, let them die then - the "law of life" )


This is with Solovyov. Suddenly: "But we got off the oil needle!"

Sergey Stankevich (perplexed): “And where did they come?”

V. Solovyov (summing up nothing): “We can trade forest”

Here, as they say, everyone fell.

Then they began to discuss how to convince the Chinese to conclude a military alliance with us, which is extremely necessary in the face of multipolarity.

S.Stankevich: “We can start supplying frozen pollock to the Chinese!”

True, the coronavirus first enters the brain.