Posted 2 мая 2020, 11:08

Published 2 мая 2020, 11:08

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Is this a coup d'etat in Kazakhstan? Dariga Nazarbayeva is dismissed

2 мая 2020, 11:08
President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev by his decree terminated the powers of the eldest daughter of Nursultan Nazarbayev - 56-year-old Dariga Nazarbayeva, the deputy of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic.

The decree is published on the website of the President of Kazakhstan. The reasons for this decision are not reported.

Tokaev also thanked Nazarbayev for his fruitful work as speaker of the Senate. “I express gratitude to Dariga Nazarbayeva for her active and fruitful work as chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan,” Tokayev wrote on his Twitter page .

Recall that in March 2019 Nazarbayeva was unanimously elected, and in September of the same year she was re-elected chairman of the Senate, before that she was chairman of the upper house committee of the parliament on international affairs, defense and security.

By the way, in early March this year it became known that two mansions and an apartment, the owners of which are Dariga Nazarbayeva, her eldest son Nurali Aliyev and his wife, were arrested in London.

This unexpected news puzzled Russian experts

So the journalist Dmitry Smirnov writes:

“I wrote to the journalist Slava Polovinko, who lived and worked in Kazakhstan for a long time, what is happening. Here is his guess

“This looks like a deprivation of all powers, possibly due to the fact that Dariga wanted to limit Tokaev’s powers as a speaker of the Senate (for this she appealed to the Constitutional Council to understand if she had such a right), and Tokaev went all-in. There may be other reasons. While there is no reaction from the Nazarbayevs themselves, it is difficult to say something definite. But since Tokayev could (decide) to issue such a decree, I would pay attention to the state of health of Nazarbayev Sr. But - again - these are just assumptions. In general, everything is very unexpected ... "

And another journalist Vasily Alenin does not exclude the option of a coup:

“In Kazakhstan, a coup?” President Tokayev dismissed Dariga Nazarbayeva from the post of head of the upper house of parliament, signing a decree depriving her of parliamentary powers.

I could not resist her attacks about his inaction in the era of the coronavirus? Wikipedia Entries, What is it - the President of Kazakhstan? Corruption and family scandals?

Now we are waiting for what Elbasy Nazarbayev will say ... "