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Published 3 мая 2020,, 17:06

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"Who will answer for the demolition?": in Sokolniki the exhibition was destroyed overnight in order to construct the temporary hospital

"Who will answer for the demolition?": in Sokolniki the exhibition was destroyed overnight in order to construct the temporary hospital

3 мая 2020, 17:06
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In the capital's Expocenter in Sokolniki, on the night at April 30 to May 1, the largest exhibition of cable and wire products in Russia CABEX, which even has not been opened, was demolished. The areas were cleared for a temporary hospital. As a result, numerous exhibitors lost their property and suffered huge losses.

The blogger uchvatovsb writes about this on his page in LiveJournal.

According to him, in this situation it’s bad not only that the expocenter’s areas were cleared for a temporary hospital, but how it was done: one night, without the consent of the exhibitors - property owners. And most importantly, no legal grounds were provided.

As the author reminds, the decree of the Mayor of Moscow does not imply norms on the seizure of buildings or structures for the needs of the city. There is no reason to seize property from the owners either.

The annual CABEX exhibition is a major event for the domestic cable market. Here they show new products, advertise their enterprises, get acquainted, make agreements. Exhibitors pay a lot of money for the right to place their equipment at the exhibition.

This year, the opening of the exhibition was scheduled for March 17-19 at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center. However, on the eve of the opening in the capital, a ban on mass events was introduced and the exhibition was postponed indefinitely until the restrictions were lifted. The organizer of CABEX - MVK (International Exhibition Company) - mothballed the pavilion with the exposition. Equipment companies and their exhibits were protected by the expocenter.

On April 30, the city authorities requested Sokolniki PKiO Moscow to release the space of the expocenter for the equipment of a temporary hospital from the State Autonomous Institution of Civil Defense of Moscow. In turn, GAUK of Moscow “PKiO“ Sokolniki ”notified of the release of the premises of LLC EcoCenter Sokolniki, on the balance of which there is an expocenter. The dismantling costs were borne by the park, i.e. GAUK.

Письмо от “ПКиО “Сокольники”Письмо от “ПКиО “Сокольники”
Письмо от “ПКиО “Сокольники”
Фото: uchvatovsb /

On the night of April 30 to May 1, without warning, the rapid dismantling of stands began. Most of the exhibitors who equipped their stands, whose property remained in the hall, learned about the analysis of the exposition after dismantling.

Everything was dismantled very quickly, since the exhibition had to be dismantled before 11 am on May 1.

"Демонтировалось всё очень быстро"."Демонтировалось всё очень быстро".
"Демонтировалось всё очень быстро".

According to the director of CABEX, Yulia Malinina, part of the property of contractors and exhibitors was transferred to the management of Sokolniki Park, and some to the MVK office. Nobody knows about whose property, in what volume, in which place and to what degree of safety, about this.

Some companies, for example, Kostromakabel, learned about the dismantling of stands on the morning of May 1 from the urgent news on the portal, and were able to save part of their property before dinner. The remaining exhibitors failed to do this.

Evgenia Guseva, Marketing Director of RusCable Media Holding, noted that the demolition of the exhibition began without warning the participants.

It is reported that currently, through its industry union - the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs - claims are being prepared against the Moscow Government, and exhibitors are evaluating the costs of arranging stands and the damage incurred. At the same time, they can file an individual claim against the MVK as a counterparty.

According to the blogger, the emergency re-equipment of the exhibition centers for temporary hospitals leads to disturbing thoughts: Lenexpo, Sokolniki Exhibition Center, Crocus Expo ...

Госпиталь в петербургском "Ленэкспо"Госпиталь в петербургском "Ленэкспо"
Госпиталь в петербургском "Ленэкспо"

Also according to the author, it was reported about the machine gunners during the demolition of the exhibition and a lot of missing things from the organizers. He also asks the question, which he considers the main thing - "who will be responsible for the mess?"

"I managed to talk with a number of exhibitors who immediately said that the city was essentially nothing to do with... Many exhibitors suggested that the organizer of the Cabex exhibition should return the money to them and they would move out. However, this was refused even when information began to leak out about the future restructuring of many sites for temporary hospitals. And whether it’s a negligence or someone specially exposes Sergei Sobyanin to my readers, "the blogger summed up.