Posted 4 мая 2020, 11:40

Published 4 мая 2020, 11:40

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The pic of the day: Beglov is protected to the fullest, but a new mother has nothing

4 мая 2020, 11:40
The Governor of St. Petersburg dressed up in a mask and gloves to take a picture with a completely unprotected young mother.

This fabulously cynical photo, designed, according to officials, to demonstrate their closeness to ordinary people, even in the most difficult times, political analyst Abbas Gallyamov commented on his blog :

“The big problem of personalistic regimes is the political unprofessionalism of the ruling elites. Since only a leader can be a politician within the framework of personalism, everyone else runs away from public politics like a fire. If you demonstrate effectiveness in it, you will be immediately accused of having ambitions. No, really! It’s better that the boss treats you a little down, patronizingly patting your shoulder: “Well, not a Robespierre!”

Surrounded by personalistic leaders, being a political virgin is such a peculiar form of flattery to the ruler. It is proudly called: "technocratism."

The problem is that these "technocrats" endlessly multiply the number of mistakes made, bringing their load to a critical point at some point. Take, for example, the last photo of Beglov from the hospital. It is a visible and vivid visualization of the thesis that power provides itself with better conditions than ordinary people; that she cares only about herself. People suspect this already, and there’s also a photo: Beglov defended himself with a mask and gloves, and the mother and her child are defenseless.

People who are professionally engaged in promotion are well aware of the power that the image carries. PR specialists, advertisers, political strategists do not need to explain how big a single shot can play a big role. Unlike words to which he refers with skepticism, a person believes photographs unconditionally. He knows from childhood that it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times.

The funny thing is, read Beglov’s my text, he won’t understand anything. "He will ask what it is about. “According to the law, people should wear a mask, and I put it on” But in America, not a single politician would ever have taken such a picture in his life. It is not necessary to explain them the obvious things.

Therefore, despite the fact that there is plenty of social conflicts in America, their regimes still do not collapse...”