Posted 4 мая 2020,, 12:26

Published 4 мая 2020,, 12:26

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Who's guilty? US and China accuse each other of creating and distributing COVID-19

Who's guilty? US and China accuse each other of creating and distributing COVID-19

4 мая 2020, 12:26
America believes that the Chinese artificially created the coronavirus, but China proves exactly opposite.

A real information war erupted between the US and China over the coronavirus pandemic. America accuses China of concealing the true extent of the outbreak of coronavirus in order to create a stock of medical supplies, the Associated Press reports citing US intelligence documents.

The report claims that Beijing for most of January did not fully inform WHO of the degree of infection.

Also, the authorities, denying the existence of export restrictions, "confused and delayed the provision of their trade data." This conclusion was made on the basis that the Chinese changes in the import and export of masks and other personal protective equipment with a 95 percent probability went beyond the norm.

For his part, Donald Trump, on Fox News, said China made a mistake and tried to hide it.

“We wanted to come (to China for investigation), they did not want to let us in, even the WHO did not want to let us in. They recognized this, but much later, and not immediately, ”he said. Prior to this, the head of the White House claimed that Washington was considering the version that a new type of coronavirus was created artificially in Wuhan and threatened Beijing with consequences if it turns out that Beijing deliberately allowed the outbreak of COVID-19.

The Chinese authorities, in turn, repeatedly emphasized that from the very beginning of the epidemic they took an open and responsible position regarding informing the world community about the spread of infection.

The most influential Chinese daily, the official press of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, People's Daily, also entered the fray, which published appeals to the United States to answer 10 questions:

1. In February 2019, the American magazine Science reported that the US government, after 4 years of the moratorium, approved the conduct of controversial studies of the bird flu virus. Some experts believe that the transformation of the virus, which may occur as a result of these experiments, may increase the risk of its transmission from person to person. Why did the US take this step and why neither the studies themselves nor their results were covered in the press at all?

2. In April, The Global Biodefence announced the full resumption of the military biological laboratory at the Army Institute for Medical Research on Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick (Maryland), which is also involved in the study of coronaviruses. Last July, work there was temporarily suspended by order of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In March, a petition appeared on the White House website demanding to tell the public about the real reasons for the closure of the laboratory. How can they comment in the USA?

3. In March, the New York Times published a document stating that from January to August last year, the US Department of Health and Human Services conducted exercises called "Crimson Infections." According to the legend of the exercises, the outbreak of an epidemic occurred in China. Tourists spread the infection, similar to SARS, but causing more complications and transmitted by airborne droplets, around the world. A vaccine for a new disease has not been developed. Why are these events so reminiscent of what is happening in the world now? And why did the US, which predicted a pandemic last year, reacted so slowly to the spread of coronavirus, claiming that "everything is under control"?

4. According to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), as early as the end of November 2019, US intelligence officers informed the Military Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon and the White House that a viral disease was spreading in the area of Chinese Wuhan. The National Medical Information Center (NCMI) in November drew up a report with a rather detailed description of the situation with the spread of the virus, which really happened later. The Washington Post American website contains information that Donald Trump has been continuously receiving information about the new coronavirus from the US intelligence agency for more than two months. So why did the US government declare a state of emergency only on March 13?

5. On February 21, the Japanese television network Asahi reported that among the 14,000 people who died in the US, as previously reported by the flu, there might be those who actually died from coronavirus. Later, the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that at least 32 million Americans had the flu this winter. On March 11, Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, admitted that there might have been people infected with a new type of coronavirus among those who reportedly died of the flu. How many patients actually had coronavirus rather than flu? And did they only talk about the flu in the US to hide the coronavirus infection? Will there be research and will the US allow international experts to assess the situation, take samples and conduct analyzes?

6. When did the new type of coronavirus first appear in the US? And did the transmission of coronavirus begin before this was publicly discussed?

7. March 16, the Wall Street Journal wrote that in the United States began testing on humans the first experimental vaccine Moderna Inc. International experts say this would not have been possible if the United States did not have a strain of the virus at an early stage. So when and from where did the USA get this strain?

8. According to the Washington Post, US Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Barr and his wife sold up to 1.7 million shares of various companies just a week before the market crash caused by the spread of coronavirus. Why did many American politicians get rid of stocks at that time, and did the government continue to convince people that the situation was under control?

9. Why are American experts allowed to make public statements about COVID-19 only after agreeing with the office of the US Vice President?

10. What research is being done in foreign biological laboratories and in the USA, and why is Washington not reporting this?