Posted 5 мая 2020,, 14:18

Published 5 мая 2020,, 14:18

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Dynamo footballer paid for ten-day meals for the doctors in Novosibirsk

Dynamo footballer paid for ten-day meals for the doctors in Novosibirsk

5 мая 2020, 14:18
Defender of the Moscow football club Dynamo Vladimir Rykov paid for a ten-day delivery of hot meals for Novosibirsk doctors who are involved in the treatment of patients with coronavirus. Food will be delivered to doctors at City Hospital No. 11.

The number of patients with coronavirus in the Novosibirsk region per day increased to 681 people, two of them died in the last 24 hours, the number of deaths from a new disease in the region reached nine people. Another 150 patients managed to recover.

“Today, a heavy burden has been placed on the shoulders of health workers, they are forced to work around the clock. I wanted to support them in this difficult time, ”he commented on the AST-54 evacuation service in Novosibirsk.

Users on social networks considered the footballer’s act to be noble, expressing bewilderment why the government does not provide medical personnel. “He, of course, well done, but somehow dumb when the state cannot keep doctors,” one of the users writes.

The footballer was born in Novosibirsk, he has been playing for Dynamo since 2016. The team took sixth place in the standings of the championship of Russia, gaining 30 points. Earlier, the Samara club “Wings of the Soviets” also organized food delivery for doctors: they brought pizza and sweets to doctors, and the Rostov football club launched a charity event among fans to collect food for pensioners on its official website.

Earlier, the coach of the Akhmat football club from Grozny, Igor Shalimov, called the parasites all Russians who were left without money for self-isolation, and recommended that they change jobs. Blogger Vasily Utkin ridiculed the coach’s resonant statement, noting that if there are parasites in the country, these are the ones who trained the team to the last place in the standings for a salary of half a million dollars. At the last championship of Russia “Akhmat” became an outsider. Users on social networks demand the resignation of Shalimov.